Certificate Course on “Nuclear Energy and Law”, TERI University (6 -11, March 2017)

By | January 11, 2017

Certificate Course on “Nuclear Energy and Law”, TERI University


6 -11, March 2017


TERI University, Institutional Area Vasant Kunj, New Delhi



The objective of the NLA-TU Winter Course is to familiarise the participants with:

1. the basic understanding of nuclear science and technology;

2. the legal history and international engagement, with a focus on Global South;

3. the IAEA – its history, codes and guidelines -, and international nuclear treaties;

4. regulatory structures and liability regimes of select jurisdictions; and

5. India’s nuclear laws and regulatory processes, siting and consent procedures, environmental law and judicial decisions in India.

Participants (max. 35): – 

– Lawyers, legal advisers, law faculty and researchers;

– Nuclear scientists, policy makers, and officials from various nuclear institutions;

– Representatives from regulatory institutions and company professionals;

– Social science researchers and faculty; and –

– PhD students; and 4th and 5th year law students


Course Director:

Dr. M P Ram Mohan, Associate Professor,

TERI University, New Delhi

Phone: (+91) 92127-63410,

Email: mprmohan@teri.res.in

Course Coordinator:

Ms. Rishika Singh,

Lawyer and Researcher Phone: (+91) 88004-56888,

Email: singhrishika@gmail.com

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