Call for Papers: Chanakya Law Review Issue I Volume I | CNLU, Patna [Submit by April 30]

By | March 5, 2021
Call for Papers: Chanakya Law Review Issue I Volume I | CNLU, Patna

CNLU, Patna invites submissions for publication in the ‘Issue – I’, ‘Vol. – I’ (January –June 2021) in The CHANAKYA LAW REVIEW: An International Journal of Fundamental Research in Juridical Sciences on present social-economic-legal problems with reference to international issues, Book reviews

About Chanakya Law Review

The Chanakya Law Review (CLR) is an International Journal (E-Journal) of Fundamental Research and Development in the field of Law interface with other Social sciences, sciences, and Humanities. It is a Half-yearly Research Journal comprising scholarly works of renowned academicians and research scholars. It aims to encourage authors to write papers on international issues involving multidisciplinary fundamental research and disseminate knowledge worldwide.

It has objectives of publishing high-quality original research work through articles and case comments that provide contemporary insight and add value to the existing Indian legal framework with respect to interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and cross-disciplinary comparative discourse with all the subject of social sciences, Sciences, Humanities interface with Law. It shall encompass all the areas in juridical sciences and Administration of Justice System, national and International. Since it is the first issue, therefore, ISSN No. shall be obtained after the release of the first issue as per rule.

Call for Papers

The Authors: Academicians, Jurists, Professionals, Analyst, Researchers, Students, Activists, Entrepreneurs, etc., National or International are invited to contribute Original Paper on the various subject (Multidisciplinary) matters interface with the Law. The articles shall be blind peer-reviewed, and plagiarism checked before publication. The authors are suggested to send their creatives with not more than 10 percent similarity as per UGC rules.


The Chanakya Law Review welcomes contributions that are original, unpublished, and up to date. The authors are not restricted to any particular area of Law. It is a multidisciplinary interface with Law. Therefore, the submissions of an inter-disciplinary/multidisciplinary nature analysing contemporary legal issues are encouraged.

Categories of Submission

  • Long Article (8000-10000 words): Articles must comprehensively analyse a contemporary legal issue that the author(s) seeks to highlight. Articles would include research articles and theoretical discussions on any theme of Law. It must either indicate the lacunae therein or attempt to suggest possible changes, which can address the said lacunae or alternatively holistically cover the subject matter while offering a critical analysis of the chosen theme.
  • Short Article (4000-6000 words): Articles must be concise and condensed in their scope and conceptualisation vis-a-vis long articles.
  • Case Comments (1500-2000 words): Commentaries on any case should be submitted with proper analysis. It must not be a mere descriptive peace.
  • Monograph (Book Review) in 2000-3000 words, of a book published in last one year.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions are accepted only in the English language.
  • All articles must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 300 words with Keywords
  • The abstract must expressly include the novelty and usefulness of the idea that the author wishes to put forth and must categorically mention the specific contribution of the article beyond the existing available literature.
  • Co-authorship (with a cap of two authors) is permitted for all articles.
  • The manuscript should not contain any references to the identity of the authors.
  • The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size – 12, and 1.5-line spacing.
  • The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10, and single line spacing.
  • The paper must have similarities/plagiarism checks, and not more than 10%.
  • The citations must conform to the SCOPUS style of citation.
  • Manuscripts should only use footnotes as a means of citation. No other method shall be permitted.
  • Substantive endnotes are permissible.

Submission Deadlines

  1. The last date of submission of Expression of Interest and Abstract (not more than 500 words) with Keywords: 30th April 2021.
  2. The Abstract must be original with keywords. Last date of Submission of Full Paper: 30th June 2021.
  3. Last date for acceptance of Peer-Reviewed Paper for Publication: 31st July.
  4. Last Date for the Publication of E-Journal (online) – 31st August HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPTS?
  5. Please send all submissions to [email protected].
  6. The authors must mention their name, designation, Affiliation/institution, email, and mobile number.


For any further clarifications, address your mail at [email protected].

Prof. Dr. Subhash C Roy, Dean Research and Development & Editor in Chief (CLR), CNLU Patna

  • Ph: +91-76670 74426

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