Conditions for obtaining a license in the online casino

By | December 3, 2021
Responsible Gaming Tips for Online Casinos

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To be a legal online casino in India you must have a certified license. And to obtain this license, online casinos in India must submit the following documents. To own a legal online casino in India, with the fulfillment of these conditions, taxes must also be paid to the state for the legal operation of various types of gambling. The authorization fee for an online casino is€100,000. To it is added an annual license fee, calculated according to the turnover recorded in the previous fiscal year.

Why it is important to have a certified license and what are the advantages offered by legal online casinos in India. Once granted, a certificate license is valid for 10 years. The process of obtaining it may seem complicated, but this solution is by far the best for both online casinos, which can thus operate legally, and for players. Yes, players also have certain advantages when choosing to play at a legal online casino in India.

The main advantage is, of course, safety. The player can be sure that he does not break the law when playing his favorite games. This aspect is as important as possible, since it is forbidden for a player to participate in gambling organized by an unlicensed operator. In such cases, he can pay a rather stinging fine, between 5000 and 10000 euro.

The player can also be sure that he will be able to withdraw his winnings and will not have to worry about his account at the time he chooses to deposit money into the account. All these transactions are carried out in complete safety when dealing with a licensed operator.

Legal online casinos in India also offer their players numerous bonuses. They can have high values and make the player experience as enjoyable as possible. Another important advantage is that a legal online casino in India will always have a website in Indian and will always use the national currency of India, The Lion. Moreover, the operator will take all necessary measures to meet the needs of its customers. This means that the services offered will be personalized for the Indian public.

Last but not least, when the player suspects an online casino licensed in India of fraud, he can make a complaint to the certificates. It is therefore important for players to ensure that when playing at an online casino, it is licensed.  To see if an online casino in India has a certified license, all a player needs to do is check their website. Usually, in the footer of the page, Indian online casinos display both the certificate emblem and the license number.  To be safe, however, it is good for a player to check on the certified website whether the online casino they intend to play at is licensed or not. You can do this very easily in the approved Section. There, the player just needs to enter the name of the online casino, and he will very quickly find out the information he is looking for.

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