Legal Bites brings to you Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-X.

Legal Bites brings to you Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-X. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. The list question curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them a good practise for their aptitude and knowledge.

Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-X

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Rigorous preparation for this exam is mandatory in order to crack it. In the last few months prior to the exams, it is sufficient for candidates to simply keep practising these questions in order to gain mastery over the subjects studied. Not only the candidate’s confidence level but also their scores will show good improvement upon following it.

Constitutional Law Mains Questions Series Part-X of X

Question 1

Describe briefly the comparative position of the two houses of Parliament? [UPJS 2018]

Question 2

How far do you agree with the statement that “the term ‘other authorities’ in Article 12 has been given a wide interpretation by the Courts”? [BJS 2017]

Question 3

What is meant by the substantial question of law? Elaborate with reference to provisions and laws relating to the second appeal. Whether additional evidence can be entertained by the high court in the second appeal? [JJS 2017]

Question 4

What is meant by the inherent jurisdiction of the civil court? [JJS 2017]

Question 5

“An error apparent on the face of the record can be corrected in review proceedings”. Elaborate. Whether a party can apply for a review in an exparte decree granted by the competent court? [JJS 2017]

Question 6

How will you decide that a suit is of a civil nature? Are the following suits of civil nature? [JJS 2017]

  1. Right to take out a religious procession
  2. Right to franchise

Question 7

What view Supreme Court has taken in its recent decision on the ‘National Anthem’? [RJS 1986]

Question 8

A contractor constructed additional godowns, beyond the original contract, on the oral instruction of the Assistant Director. In a suit filed by the contractor, the Government took the defence that there was no contract binding the Government as such oral instructions contravened the provision of Article 299 of the Constitution which required a contract to be expressed to be made by the Governor. How will you decide? [RJS 1986]

Question 9

Can the privileges of the Parliament override the fundamental rights? [RJS 1988]

Question 10

What important points of law have been decided in the following reported judgments? [MS 1988]

  1. Dhanpal Chettiar’ v. Yesodaiammal, AIR 1989 SC 745
  2. P. Gupta Sr Others v. President of India, AIR 1982 SC 149.
  3. Keshavanand Bharti v. State of Kerala, AIR 1973 SC 1461.
  4. Minerva Mills Ltd. v. Union of India, AIR 1980 SC 1978.

Constitutional Law; Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

Question 11

Describe the facts and principles of law laid down in “Lakshmi Kant Pandey v. Union of India, AIR 1984 SC 469 [RJS 1988]

Question 12

Describe the facts and circumstances of the following case: [RJS 1991]

  1. Kanu Sanyal v. State of West Bengal (AIR 1974 SC 1361)
  2. State of Rajasthan v. Union of India (AIR 1977 SC 1361)

Question 13

Write a short note on the Rule of Law. [MPJS 2011]

Question 14

How far judicial decisions, interpreting constitutional provisions, relating to appointment and transfer of Judges have affected established principles of Constitutional Law? [UPJS 2006]

Question 15

Write a critical note on Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India, AIR 1978 SC 597 Cases. [UPJS 2012]

Constitutional Law; Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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