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Contract Law is the law of contracts and deals with the legal requirements to be followed while making a contract. We at Legal Bites provide you with study material on Contract Law to help you understand all the important concepts of the subject.

Rights of Unpaid Seller | Explained

The present article discusses the rights of unpaid sellers against the buyer under the Sale of Goods Act, 1930. To study so, the present article is divided mainly into three parts: the first part extensively discusses who is an unpaid seller under the act, the second part then elaborately discusses the rights of unpaid seller against the buyer… Read More »

Conditions and Warranties under the Sale of Goods Act

This article discusses the two concepts of conditions and warranties and how these concepts affect the contract entered between parties after it is formed. The article has a suitable conclusion at the end. The contract of sale of goods is a special type of contract which has a huge application in business transactions. These special contracts are governed… Read More »

Formation of Contract of Sale: Everything you need to Know

The present article is an elaborative description of the formation of contract of sale as under the Sale of Goods Act. It further specifically discusses two basic concepts of sale and agreement to sell, various statutory provisions that are related to it and also about their difference and other how to distinguish a contract of sale from other… Read More »

Non Compete Clause – Validity and Enforceability

I. Introduction A non compete clause is well defined in contract law as a clause that is written into any deal between two parties, one of which is the employer and the other the employee. Due to the presence of this non-compete condition, the employee undertakes and accepts the employer’s condition that he will not be a rival… Read More »

Admission and Outgoing of Partners: Explained with Relevant Provisions

Admission and Outgoing of Partners | Overview Introduction Admission of Partners Outgoing of Partners Conclusion The article specifically deals with the concept of admission and outgoing of partners as mentioned under the Indian Partnership Act. It further separately discusses the rights and liabilities of incoming and outgoing partners as per the statute. The present article discusses the two… Read More »

Registration and Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Registration and Dissolution of Partnership Firm | Overview Introduction Procedure for Registration of a Partnership firm Procedure for Dissolution of a Partnership firm Conclusion The present article separately discusses the procedure of registration and dissolution of partnership firms under the partnership act. It gives an overall brief overview of the registration and dissolution procedures and what all compliance… Read More »

Rights and Duties of Partners: An Overview

The present article discusses the rights and duties of partners in a partnership firm. It also discusses the relation of partners to one another and the impact of change in the firm on mutual rights and duties of partners and then provides a suitable conclusion at the end. I. Rights of Partners The partners in a partnership firm… Read More »