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Responsibility of the Finder of Goods

An individual who finds the goods of another person probably not knowing the true owner at the time is the finder of goods. The question now is what is missing, and how is it lost? The answer is that where the owner has mistakenly parted with the ownership of the goods and that he is unaware of their… Read More »

Quasi Contracts and Claim for Compensation

Contracts are promises that can be enforced by law. In the case of a contract, the parties are also legally bound by the promise made. Any partnership resembling those formed by contracts are quasi-contracts. The law creates such rights and responsibilities between the parties that are identical to those provided by a contract in a transaction in which… Read More »

Privity of Contract and Consideration

The doctrine of privity means that as a general rule, a contract does not grant rights or enforce duties arising under it on any person except the parties to it. In common contract law, the concept of contractual privacy provides that a contract does not grant rights or enforce duties arising under that contract on any party or agent… Read More »

The Various Aspects of Surety’s Liability in India

Surety’s Liability: The Indian Contracts Act, 1872 has detailed provisions regarding surety rights. In this article, the author seeks to comprehensively analyse the nature and extent of surety’s rights with the help of legal provisions and judicial decisions. The author also briefly explains the discharge of surety rights and the various circumstances provided under the ICA, 1872.  I.… Read More »

Judicial Interpretations to Protect the Surety

It is important to look at judicial interpretations to protect the surety because the Indian Contract Act, 1872 contains detailed provisions regarding the surety’s rights and liabilities but there can be a great deal of ambiguity or lack of clarity while analysing these sections. It is in this instance that the role of judiciary attains paramount importance. The… Read More »

Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-I: Important Questions for Judiciary, APO & University Exams | Part – I of X

Legal Bites brings to you Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-I. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. The list of questions curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them a good practise for their aptitude… Read More »