Legal Bites brings to you Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-II.

Legal Bites brings to you Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-II. The questions enlisted here are arranged section-wise and will aid the students in preparing for Judiciary, APO or University Exams. The list of questions curated by Legal Bites will help candidates identify the important and frequently asked questions and give them good practice for their aptitude and knowledge.

Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-II

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Question 1

Distinguish an “offer” from an “invitation to offer.” A published an advertisement for selling his house at a price of Rs. 15 lakhs. A declined to sell his house to B who was ready to pay Rs. 15 lakhs as the price of the house of A. A sold his house to C who agreed to pay the price of Rs. 20 lakhs. Whether B can sue A for the purchase of the house? [DJS 2005]

Question 2

“All contracts are agreements, but all agreements are not contracts”. Discuss. [JJS 2001, DJS 2008]

Question 3

Define Proposal. [MPJS 1996]

Question 4

Define Agreement. [MPJS 1996]

Question 5

Define Contract. [MPJS 1996]

Question 6

Define Consideration. [MPJS 1996]

Question 7

Define a Voidable contract. [MPJS 2018, Gujarat JS 2020]

Question 8

Define Promise. [MPJS 2018]

Question 9

Define Reciprocal Promises. [MPJS 2003]

Question 10

Define Void Contract. [MPJS 2003, Gujarat JS 2020]

Question 11

Define ‘Consideration’. State the exceptions to the rule that contract of guarantee. [MPJS 2006]

Question 12

Write a short note on Goods perishing before sale but after the agreement to sell. [JJS 2019]

Question 13

Discuss the principle of law in a contract, where two or more persons have made a joint promise and if one of such joint promisor dies after making such promise.

In a contract A, B and C jointly promise to pay D a sum of rupees 6,000. C is compelled to pay the whole. A has been declared as insolvent, but the value of his assets is sufficient to pay half of his part of the debt. What will be the extent of C’s right against A and B? Discuss. [BJS 2017]

Question 14

Briefly discuss the rules of acceptance of proposals. ‘A’ offers to purchase B’s car for Rs. 7,000/- and adds that if the offer is not rejected, it will become a binding contract. ‘B’ keeps silence. Is ‘B’ bound to sell? [JJS 2017]

Question 15

Explain the rules as to the communication of proposal, acceptance, and revocation. When is communication complete? Explain in detail. [MPJS 2017]

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Question 16

A duly posts a letter of acceptance to B. But the letter is lost in transit by the negligence of the post office. What effect, if any, does this have on the formation of the contract? [Punjab JS 1995(11)]

Question 17

On April 10, 1990 ‘A’ offered to ‘B’ to sell his car for sixty thousand rupees. ‘B’ was asked to signify his acceptance by April 18, 1990. On April 12, 1990 ‘A’ sold his car to ‘C’ for seventy thousand rupees. This he did without revoking his offer to ‘B’. However, ‘B’ came to know of this fact through other sources on April 14, 1990. Still, he signified his acceptance of the offer on April 16, 1990. Has this resulted in a binding agreement between ‘A’ and ‘B’? [Punjab JS 2012]

Question 18

A finds B’s purse and gives it to him. B promises to give A Rs. 500. Can ‘A’ institute the suit to acquire B money from? [HJS 1984]

Question 19

A accepts the proposal of B by a letter and puts it in post. But the letter is lost in post transit. Whether acceptance is communicated? [HJS 1984]

Question 20

A makes an offer to B for the sale of radio to B for Rs. 200 only. The next day he sells the radio to C and this fact comes to the knowledge of B from his friends. Can B still accept the offer of A? [HJS 1988]

Question 21

Are there any special provisions in Specific Relief Act, 1963 for contract to Infrastructure Project? If yes, Discuss.[UPJS]

Law of Contract; Notes, Case Laws And Study Material

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