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Contract Law is a form of civil law. The chief component of the contract law in India is the Indian Contract Act, which was enacted in 1872 and enforced on September 1, 1872.

From arbitration enthusiasts to budding sports lawyers, the knowledge of contract law is indispensable to every law student. Legal Bites has created the most comprehensive course on Contract Law you'll find online. The fifteen modules of the study material not only cover the ins and outs of the Indian Contract Act but also provide an excellent analysis of key concepts like bailment, partnership, breach of contract, indemnity, etc.

Additionally, a 10-part series of important questions based on the syllabus of major university-level and competitive exams has been created to help students master the nuances of contract law.

Important articles and study material on Contract Law – Click on the links to Read:

Module I

  1. Historical evolution of contract law in India
  2. Introduction and Nature of Indian Contract Act, 1872
  3. Law of Contract MCQs
    for Law Aspirants: Solved High-Quality MCQs for Judiciary Prelims
  4. Master Law of Contract Mains: Legal Bites' Law of Contract Solved Questions Series for Judiciary, APO & University Exams
  5. Sponsored | 1000+ Detailed Questions MCQ Test Series for Competitions (Redirect to Law Aspirants)
  6. Meaning of contract and other definitions as per Indian Contract Act, 1872
  7. Types of Contract
  8. Essentials of a Valid Contract under The Indian Contract Act
  9. 8 Contract Law Doctrines: You Must Know
  10. Landmark Cases Related to Contract Law

Important Books and Practice Tests (Must Have)

  1. Avtar Singh's Law of Contract & Specific Relief
  2. 1000+ Detailed Questions MCQ Test Series for Competitions (Redirect to Law Aspirants)

Module II

  1. Offer and Acceptance (Overview)
  2. Offer- Types and Invitation to Treat
  3. Acceptance
  4. Revocation- Meaning and Modes
  5. Capacity to Contract

Module III

  1. Consideration Under the Indian Contract Act 1872
  2. Exception to the Rule of Consideration
  3. Lawfulness of Consideration
  4. The Lawfulness Of Object And Consideration
  5. Privity of Contract and Consideration

Module IV

  1. Voidable agreements
  2. Void agreements
  3. Contingent Contracts: Concept and Scope

Module V

  1. Formation of contract by Click Wrap, Shrink Wrap and Via Exchange of E-Mails
  2. Jurisdictional Issues
  3. UNCITRAL Model of Law on Electronic Commerce 1996

Module VI: Performance Of Contract And Discharge

  1. Contracts which must be performed
  2. Time and Place of Performance

Module VII

  1. Quasi Contracts And Claims for Compensation
  2. Obligation of Person Enjoying the Benefit of a Non-gratuitous Act
  3. Responsibility of the Finder of Goods
  4. Consequences Of Breach Of Contract
  5. Doctrine of Frustration | Explained

Module VIII

  1. Need for indemnity to facilitate commercial transactions
  2. Insurance Contract and Indemnity in India
  3. Rights of Indemnity-Holder
  4. Nature of Indemnity Clauses

Module IX

  1. Guarantee: Concept, Definition and Basic Essentials for a valid guarantee contract
  2. Nature, Duration & Termination of Surety's Liability
  3. Various judicial interpretations to protect the surety
  4. Co-Surety and manner of sharing liabilities and rights
  5. Analysis of Co-extensive Liability of Surety with that of Principal Debtor

Module X

  1. Bailment: Concept And Definition
  2. Bailment contracts in day-to-day life
  3. Duties of a Bailee and a Bailor
  4. Responsibility of the Finder of Goods

Module XI

  1. Concept/Definition of Pledge
  2. Pledge & Bailment : Difference & Comparison
  3. Rights of the Pawner & Pawnee
  4. Right of sale of the pledged goods

Module XII

  1. Concept/Definition of Agency
  2. Difference Between Servant And Agent
  3. Various Methods of Creation of Agency
  4. Liability of the principal for acts of the agent including misconduct & tort

Module XIII: Specific Relief Act

  1. Introduction to the Specific Relief Act
  2. Recovery of Possession of Property
  3. Specific Performance of Contracts
  4. Cancellation of Instruments
  5. Declaratory Decrees
  6. Preventive Relief

Module XIV: Sale of Goods Act

  1. Formation of Contract of Sale: Everything you Need to Know
  2. Conditions and Warranties under the Sale of Goods Act
  3. Effects of the Contract of Sale: Explained with Relevant Provisions
  4. Rights of Unpaid Seller | Explained

Module XV: Partnership Act

  1. Partnership: Concept, Definition and Essentials
  2. Partnership & Private Limited Company: Advantages & Disadvantages
  3. Properties of Firm
  4. Formation of Partnership | Indian Partnership Act, 1932
  5. Test of Partnership: Explanation, Components & Case Laws
  6. Registration of Firms and the Effect of non-registration
  7. Rights and Duties of Partners
  8. Admission & Outgoing of Partners
  9. Registration & Dissolution of Partnership

Important Cases

  1. Balfour v. Balfour (1919)
  2. Kedarnath v. Gorie Mohammad (1887)
  3. Mohori Bibee v. Dharmodas Ghose (1903)
  4. Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. (1892)
  5. Chacko v. Mahadevan (2007)
  6. Leslie Ltd. v. Sheill, (1914)

Other articles

  1. Doctrine of Restitution

  2. All you need to know about Contract of Indemnity

  3. Doctrine of Privity
  4. Fraud, Misrepresentation and Mistake under the Indian Contract Act
  5. Promissory Estoppel – Meaning and Explanation
  6. Surety's Liability: Judicial Interpretation
  7. A Brief Analysis Of Wagering Agreements
  8. Remedies For The Breach Of Contract
  9. Remedies available under the Specific Relief Act, 1963
  10. Primer on E-Contracts

Law of Contract Mains Questions Series: Important Questions for Judiciary, APO & University Exams

  1. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-I
  2. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-II
  3. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-III
  4. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-IV
  5. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-V
  6. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-VI
  7. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-VII
  8. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-VIII
  9. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-IX
  10. Law of Contract Mains Questions Series Part-X

Law of Contract MCQs for Law Aspirants: Solved High-Quality MCQs for Judiciary Prelims

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