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By | August 9, 2018
Contract Law Notes And Study Material

The Indian Contract Act was enacted in 1872, and it came into force on September 1, 1872. This Act is based on English common law consisting of judicial precedents. The Act is not exhaustive as it does not deal with all the branches of the contract law, like contract relating to negotiable instruments, transfer of property, the sale of goods, partnership, insurance, etc.

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  1. Introduction & Nature of Contract
  2. Indian Contract Act, 1872 – Bare Act
  3. Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
  4. Offer And Acceptance
  5. Consideration
  6. Exceptions to Consideration under Indian Contract Act: An Analysis
  7. Capacity of Contract
  8. Types of Contract
  9. Free Consent
  10. Legality of Object
  11. Void Agreements
  12. Contingent Contracts
  13. Fraud, Misrepresentation and Mistake under Indian Contract Act
  14. Mistake
  15. Performance of Contract
  16. Promissory Estoppel – Meaning and Explanation
  17. Quasi Contract
  18. Contract of Indemnity
  19. Contract of Guarantee
  20. Surety’s Liability: Judicial Interpretation
  21. Bailment – Concept and Meaning
  22. Pledge
  23. Law of Agency
  24. A Brief Analysis On Wagering Agreements
  25. Remedies For The Breach Of Contract
  26. Remedies available under Specific Relief Act, 1963
  27. Important Doctrines – Law of Contract

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