In conversation with Prof. (Dr.) Rohit P. Shabran Dean, School of Legal Studies, BBD University, Lucknow (U.P.)

By | February 24, 2017

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Professor Dr. Rohit P. Shabran is the Dean of School of Legal Studies, BBD UNIVERSITY, Lucknow.  He did his LL.B. from Lucknow University and joined the Narvdeshwar Law College (Affiliated from Lucknow University) as Assistant Professor after that, in 2012 he joined BBD UNIVERSITY as an In-charge of Legal Department. He was awarded the doctorate degree in 2008. Administration of Criminal Justice System is the field of his specialization.

Legal Bites: Tell us about your schooling and the decision of opting for law.

Prof. (Dr.) Rohit: I did my schooling from Government High School, Faizabad. While my entire family was engaged in Teaching, I had the zeal to do something, when I saw my Family members as Teachers then I also decided to make a career in Teaching. Hence, I opted for law as this was the best stream I could see myself pursuing because of the level of knowledge, status, power and respect attached to it. Law is very challenging and exciting. Moreover, the family too supported the decision happily.

Legal Bites: Tell us about your teaching experience. What challenges did you face?
Prof. (Dr.) Rohit: I have been teaching since 15 years. Teaching is altogether a class-apart experience and particularly teaching law is a highly dynamic process as it requires updates of latest cases and laws. Teachers do impart knowledge but the students too have an important role to play. It’s all about reciprocity! It is basically the willingness of the students to study which motivates me a lot. The major challenge was the shift from Faizabad to Lucknow as it meant a new environment and people. However, patience and perseverance helped me a lot.

Legal Bites: Tell us about your experience as the Dean of BBD.

Prof. (Dr.) Rohit: The experience has been a brilliant one! Becoming the Dean has been a blessing. It is only through this post that I get to deal with a variety of people with different attitudes and aspirations including eminent judges and lawyers. Every post is full of challenges and has its own responsibility. Different demands of teachers and students are required to be fulfilled and patience is the key. My learning experience is now not only restricted to students. Faculty members are a great support too. The post has taught me the art of identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and to take the action accordingly.

Legal Bites: Any piece of advice you would like to give to the students of law throughout the country?

Prof. (Dr.) Rohit: Read, read and read. Participation in various activities in all spheres should be prioritized along with good grades for a better tomorrow as this stream has struggle for newbies, in litigation particularly. Mooting is an integral part of graduation in law. As law is a promising stream, embrace all the laws in order to deal with diverse problems. Acquiring knowledge apart from curriculum will help. Take chances and do your BEST.

-Interviewed by Kishan Tiwari, Campus Amicus at BBD UNIVERSITY, Lucknow

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