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By | September 24, 2016
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  1. Venkatesh, residing at 30/7, Besant Road, Chennai has an estate at Krishnagiri District State of Tamil Nadu. He is also a business man dealing in crokeries and principal place of business at Coimbatore. He has no time to manage his estate. He appoints Srinath a retired military officer, residing of Chennai as the Manager of his estate and desires to appoint him as his agent and general power of Attorney holder.




 This general power of Attorney executed by Sri Venkatesh, S/o. Raghunadha Rao, Hindu, aged about 45 years, business dealing with Crokeries (called as executor) at Coimbatore residing at 30/7 Besant Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (herein called as executor) of the part. In favour of Srinath, S/o. Hanuman, Hindu, aged about 35 years retired military officer, residing at Chennai (herein after known as power of attorney) of second part.

Whereas the executor has crokeries business at Warangal found it difficulty to manage his tea estate at Krishnagiri District could not develop the estate through of appointing an agent on his behalf to look after and manage it at Chennai hereby appoints the general power of attorney holder as his age with following convenants.

  1. That here in after the power of Attorney holder as his agent with shall take full charge of his estate and manage as he like on behalf of the executor.
  2. That he shall have all powers to enter into contract with parties, export the products of the estate, lease any part to third party or lease any other estate for the benefit of the executor.
  3. Shall have power to deposit, withdraw any amount from the bank towards the salary of the employees to meet expenditure of maintenance of estate etc.
  4. That he shall execute any sale deed in favour of the seller on behalf of the executor, to purchase any estate for the executor and sign on such papers and another paper necessary to carry on business.
  5. That he shall sign and file any document before any authority to file any suit in civil court on behalf of the executor, to depend, withdraw and present any document before civil and criminal courts, engage an advocate sign on Venkatesh.
  6. He shall not mortgage or sell the property without the prior permission from the executor.
  7. He shall maintain accounts in a proper manner and produce them before the executor on every six months once.
  8. He shall not do any illegal act or carryout any illegal business under the name of the executer.


The executor hereby ratifies all the legal acts of the general power of attorney as if the such acts have been done by the executor himself.

This general power of Attorney shall come into force from 13.07.2010 and shall be enforce until the executor cancels, dies or the holder relinquishes his responsibility orders.


The executor has put his hand in the presence of the witness on 18th July, 2010.


  1. XXXXXXX (Viswanath)                                                                                  XXXXX
  2. XXXXXXX (Soorya Prakash)                                                                         Executor
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