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By | September 24, 2016

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Facts: Mahesh wants to purchase house from K. Nirmal at the rate of 1,50,000

Draft a sale deed: This sale deed entered into between G. Mahesh, S/o. G. Ramesh Babu (hereinafter called the Vendee) on this 13 days of September, 2010.

Now this Sale deed witnesses as follow:

  1. This in consideration of an amount of Rs. 1,50,000 paid by the Vendee to the Vendor on 13.09.2010, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the vendor the owner of the property detailed in the schedule hereto, does hereby transfer to the Vendee by way of seek of the property (or house) so charted in the schedule hereto.
  2. The vendor hereby agrees with Vendee.
  3. That the sold premises shall be held and enjoyed by the Vendor absolutely as full owner of the property without any interference by an anybody whatsoever.
  4. That the vendee shall be entitled to receive rents, profits and other incomes in respect of the sold premises without any interruption by anybody.
  5. That the Vendor shall execute and perform every such act of assurance necessary for more assuring the said premises to the vendee, his heir legal representatives and assignees etc. at the expense of the person so requiring him to execute a paper.
  6. That for the purpose of construction the expression „Vendor‟ and „Vendee‟ shall include their legal representative successor and assignees etc.

In Witnesses                                                                       Parties

  1. XXXXXX                                                                 XXXXX VENDOR
  2. XXXXXX                                                                 XXXXX  VENDEE




                  Tirupati Town, Tirupati Municipality situated at Near Pasuparthi Super Bazaar, Housing bearing No: 31-14-14 an extent of 100 cents.

East : House of Murali Mohan

South : Pasuparthi Super Bazaar

West : House of Balaraj

North : House of Rajeswari




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