Conveyance of Lease Deed

By | September 24, 2016
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Akash Kanna intends a lease out a building to Prem Kumar at a monthly rent of Rs. 1000/- for a period on the termination of tenancy.


             DEED OF LEASE

            Made on 18.03.2014 between Akhil, S/o. Nagaraj, aged 50 years a small industrialist residing at 863, Dewan‟s Bunglow, Chennai (hereinafter called “the lessor‟s which expression where the content to administers shall mean and include his heirs executors administrators, representatives and assigns) of the first part and Premkumar, S/o. Rajesh aged 38 years now working as the Manager of the Indian Bank (hereinafter called the lessee) of the other part.

Whereas the lessor had agreed to give by lease the building more fully described in the schedule hereunder of which the lessor is in absolute ownership and possession and whereas the lessor had agreed to pay a monthly rent Rs. 100/- with an advance of Rs. 5000/- repayable on the termination of the tenancy.

The Lessee hereby convents and agrees with the lessor as follows.

  1. The lessee shall pay the monthly rent of Rs. 1000/- on before the 5th of every month for which he is entitled to obtain receipt thereof from the landlord.
  2. The Lessee shall use the said building for the residential purpose of himself and his family.
  3. The Lessee shall not sublet the house or any part of it without the writers permission of the lessor.
  4. The lessee shall be responsible for the unkeep of the premises is good and proper order effecting all minor repairs at his cost.
  5. The lessee shall not be permit any part of the premises to be used for any purpose other than that of a private dwelling purpose.
  6. The lessee shall not cut down any of the trees now or at anytime hereafter growing on the premises without the previous consent of the lessor.
  7. The lessee shall always permit the lessor or agents or servants, defects have been happened or caused by the act or emission on the part of the lessee.


The lessor reserves his rights to renew the lease period further 3 years after the terminations of this lease period provided the lessee keeps the premises in good and substantial order without any default of rent and other covenants.

The lessee shall be in an absolute possession and enjoyment of the premises as a tenant without any interruptions from anybody.


The lessor and lessee having agreed upon the covenant have sent their hands in the presence of the witnesses on the 10th day of May, 2014.


  1. xxxxxx (Gajendran)                                                                                                            XXXX (Lessor)
  2. xxxxxx (Amar Reddy)                                                                                                         XXXX (Lessee)
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