3 Day Certificate Course on Contract Drafting by Sapphire and Sage Law Offices

By | September 15, 2020
3 Day Certificate Course on Contract Drafting

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About The Course

Sapphire and Sage are excited to announce their first online certification course on Contract Drafting. This is a course with an objective to guide young lawyers, law students, corporate, company secretaries, paralegals, or any person to understand the logic behind the drafting and the methods of drafting a contract for any individual or entity.

This will enable you to quickly draft all kinds of Contracts. The art of drafting has been simplified to avoid lengthy contracts. At the end of the course, you will be able to draft effective contracts.

Further, the firm is conducting this course as a pro bono initiative to guide the legal minds


  1. The course is pro bono in nature.
  2. Sessions by domain experts including guest
  3. Includes practical assessment and
  4. Certificate after submission of assignment, verification and removal of
  5. Endorsed by Sapphire and Sage Law
  6. Comes with surprises and engagement
  7. Can be attended by anyone but certificates will be provided to registered students 8.

*Note: For registered participants only & subject to fulfillment of criteria determined by the firm.

Timeline Of Course

18th September

  1. Basic Drafting Pointers
  2. Important points before Drafting
  3. Practical tips for Drafting a Contract
  4. Contract Elements in detail

19th September

  1. Essential Clauses
  2. Boilerplate Clauses
  3. Most common mistakes in Contract drafting
  4. Important points after Drafting

20th September

  1. Interaction with domain expert
  2. Mock negotiation session & quiz


Link to registration: Here

Ground Rules

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The certification Course is pro bono in nature and no fees will be charged.
  2. Registration is compulsory for assessment and certification. Non – registered participants can attend the lectures as well but will not be eligible for certification.
  3. Three days certification course comes with midway surprises subject to discretion by Sapphire & Sage Law.
  4. Certification is Subject to note clauses mentioned.
  5. Attendance will be taken on all three days to check the presence of registered.
  6. Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis. Only the first 200 candidates will be formally eligible for assessment and certification.
  7. The candidates will attend the session through Youtube Live. The link will be shared via mail and can be accessed through our website: sapphireandsage.in
  8. In case you don’t receive any mail post-registration / unable to find anything even in the spam box, kindly contact us on [email protected].
  9. You will receive the e–certificate through mail within the 21 working days of submission of the final assignment.
  10. T&C clause is subject to amendment as all rights for the same reserves with Sapphire & Sage Law Offices, New Delhi.

*Note Clauses for Certification:

Certification is subject to the following clauses;

  1. Successful submission of assignments, the rectification of errors, and resubmission of the assignment.
  2. Only students admitted to a 3/5 year LLB course at any BCI recognized college are eligible for certification.
  3. The same assignment has to be submitted within 10 days of the final lecture i.e. by 30th September 2020; post that no submission will be considered.
  4. No. of seats is subject to change on the desire of the firm.
  5. The assignment will be allocated to registered participates during the lecture and has to be submitted from registered mail id to mail id allocated by us.

*All clauses are subject to changes including the timeline.

*In Case of any grievance or dispute; Discretion of Law Firm will be final.

About the Organiser

Sapphire & Sage Law Offices, a partner firm of Legal Ally, is a boutique Indian Law Firm established as sector specialist with subject experts as guiding brains. The Firm’s aim is to provide clear, concise, and practical advice based on an in-depth knowledge of our domain expertise in niche sectors and general legal practices. The Firm is built to adapt to whatever challenge confronts our client – no matter the adversary, complexity of the case, or legal issue involved. In every matter, the Firm’s primary objective is the development of legal strategies that win.

Official Notification

  1. Historical Evolution of Contract Law in India
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