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By | June 4, 2018

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Gone are the days when summer meant Rasna packet in hand, salted mango slices in a bowl, cartoons and daily soap operas being watched during a commercial break of your favorite channel. And now, being an adult not only means more responsibility but more stress and pressure even for reasons unknown to us. So, why should internships too be boring? Read this article fully for an exciting view on court internships. Stepping into Law College, not only means an increased number of holidays but an equal number of internships to do. One of the compulsory internships is Court internship.

Okay, now that you read it you would have already smirked or sulked and decided to skip this article. But, wait! Let me show you the beautiful sides of court internship. Now that you’ve yawned already, hope this article puts a smile on your face and crave on your heart to do your court internship happily. Ready? Scroll down to know more.


So, those of you have chosen law just to avoid science and maths, thinking that merely by memorizing Bare Acts will help you to gain knowledge and more clients in future, and then your view is absolutely wrong. Yes, quoting few sections immediately without seeing your Bare Acts will help you impress your senior advocates and your clients might develop a little more of confidence on you, but there are things that neither law school nor Bare Acts or Bare Texts will teach you.

Speaking from my very own experience, Bollywood and misconceptions has clearly mislead us. For example, remember the scene from Jolly LLB where everyone claps in court. In reality, if you do that, you will be chased out of the courtroom and your senior may be punished or warned or schooled. This is called court manners and no Law school schools you on this. You may subconsciously counter me, “dude, then what about moot courts?”.

Let me tell you the hard-core truth. It is just like a cooking game you played with your toys in childhood. Was it real? Then you got your answer and my reply. Moot courts are just to hone your tackling skills and kill that tiniest fear that keeps blocking your eyes towards big opportunities but it has nothing to do with court mannerisms or anything related to court.

Likewise, there are numerous other things that you’ll learn in courts. In Law schools, all you learn is Bare Acts and few case laws. Trust me, the real world is very much different from those things you write on paper after sleepless nights and endless coffee down your throat just to memorize those names and sections.


Remember the time we all used to write in slam books that our aim is to travel and sometimes envy the way cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry’s friends fly down or rush the moment their friends needed them and the moment we check ticket prices, either our wallet laughs or our parents scorn. Well, now with this beautiful system of getting marked for our internships (local or international), why should one dread or be stuck up in native place when they can actually go to different places in name of internship and explore and have fun?

Having been interned in Mumbai more than once, I tell you, trains are kind of annoying but if one takes up a place near the internship place and also make sure that internship place is not very far from courts, and then it is a jackpot. Likewise, I chose a PG accommodation less than a kilometre away from my internship office and walked almost every day and tasted a new dish every evening and it was nothing less than a paradise.

Coming back to the core point, you may wonder how traveling could be interesting if it is court-related work. Well, just hop into a local train and travel to your destination and if it is near a window then it is definitely a golden goal, and then carry some minimal cash amount with you and spot a chat shop or any small shop near the court and munch some eatables during a break or your waiting time. By the time you complete your internship, you’ll realize that there are many variations in taste of same food within close areas and the working of each court.


I remember the time when I was present in one of the local courts and there was a huge crowd in front of the neighboring court on the same campus. Confused, I asked many and then came to know that it was a popular celebrity’s case and then after a chit-chat with many advocates present there, I came to know that it is common to see celebrities in almost all courts, especially in Bombay. Well, now if you are wondering where to see your dream hero or heroine, well, you know now.


I remember visiting the lunch area of advocates where I couldn’t find any general public except for the mess guy and few other interns like me. Well, I don’t know if it is a restricted arena for the general public but isn’t it cool that you get to mingle with advocates and you also being looked at like one.


Ever smashed anything because you were very hungry and your house’s cooking personality is either on phone or never even started cooking? Well, well, then once you enter into court for your internship, you’ll learn what real patience is. From waiting to file a petition to hearing judgment, you’ll learn patience through it. Well, isn’t it beautiful to learn patience when it is the utmost requirement of being an advocate?


Well, I never knew what responsibility was, until my senior trusted me with a file regarding a case and the clients and general public called me “madam”. Well, one may think what’s the big deal in being called so. Well, it is a great deal and it definitely gives goosebumps and boosts confidence to reach that position of your internship officer or even higher than that.

Well, that’s it for this article. Hope this put a wide smile and a great craving as promised. Good luck!

– Jonica E

Content Writer at Legal Bites

Author of – The Uncut Broken Wings, Withering Summer

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