Life in a law school makes or breaks a student. This article provides ways to deal with the Law School Problems. Introduction A degree in the law can open up the doors in many other careers which other degrees cannot because a law graduate is someone who can work in all three organs of the government. Law being… Read More »

Life in a law school makes or breaks a student. This article provides ways to deal with the Law School Problems.


A degree in the law can open up the doors in many other careers which other degrees cannot because a law graduate is someone who can work in all three organs of the government. Law being a complex and challenging area, many top-notch and high-profile law firms now need good lawyers well versed with all integrities of various laws and clauses. Up until a few years ago, a career in law only meant Litigation but after globalization started in 1992, it changed the face of law as a career with the inclusion of corporate lawyers and sophisticated law firms.

Establishment of National Law Universities completely revolutionized legal education, and completely changed the perception towards law and people started to realize that law is a premium career option. The path that law offers is in Litigation, law firms, intellectual property rights, in-house and corporate counsels, legal process outsourcing and Judiciary, litigation being the most traditional law option.

This makes a law student jack of all trades and master of all. As a law aspirant, the prime focus should be to crack the exam. With a large no. of students appearing for the exam, it makes the exam really tough. Thorough and critical preparation is needed to grab a set in the best law universities.

Entrance exams can be on a national level. Different entrance exams are CLAT, AILET, LSAT, LAWCET among which CLAT is most sought after the examination.

CLAT is an online test in which a student is tested in verbal ability, mathematics, local reasoning, general knowledge, and legal aptitude within a time frame of two hours, qualifying which a student get admission into 21 National Law Universities in India.

Things to do before joining a law school

  1. Preparation of study chart

It is the first step toward the preparation of various law examinations. It is the most vital step and it is needed to be implemented efficiently and consistently. It acts as a blueprint and a reminder and helps to focus, keeping other hobbies aside.

  1. Practice

Law schools examinations are very competitive but with proper preparation, one can able to ace it easily. One must not be satisfied with the current performance and should look for better results.

Utmost dedication and smart work are needed until the exam is finished.

  1. Knowing the pattern and syllabus

A law aspirant must know the pattern and syllabus of the exam which is providing a path toward success. He/she should be well versed in the latest exam pattern. He/she must research every minute detail and prepare accordingly.

  1. Getting a perfect set of study materials:

A student should get the best study materials which provide a better understanding of the concepts. The books will also ensure optimum preparation.

  1. Appearing for mock tests:

For a better understanding of the real exam environment, law aspirants must appear mock tests and get a reality check. Analyzing a mock test is the most important factor in preparation. It gives an edge and it will help in polishing the strong areas and working on weak areas.

  1. Enjoy the preparation:

Preparing for an exam can be frustrating and stressful if one is not enjoying it well. Forced preparation never brings good results. One must have a broad mind. One must be ready to grasp new concepts and their applications as well.

Must do things in a Law School

A law school allows a student to get exposed to every situation, making them fully ready to step out as a fine lawyer. Experiences shape people. It makes them confident, stronger and their work ethics built up. Life in a college makes or breaks them. Indeed, the experiences turn out to be the most unforgettable memories when they step out of college.

Here are the points that law students should seek:

  1. Internships:

Internships are the bridge where knowledge meets practice. There are various options of internship for law students, right from NGOs, litigation, corporates and many more.

An internship is a perfect tool to analyze in which field you want to build a career. It helps students to gain experience in various fields.

Internships provide a path for career specialization. It helps students to build a CV and introduces professionalism. There might be a possibility of converting internships into pre-placement offers. Internships can lead to a much successful career in the end.

  1. Moot competitions:

Moot courts provide a great opportunity for law students to put themselves in a real like environment. It puts pressure on students that lead to stress, anxiety, and frustration at an extreme level. Moot grills students and make them better so that they can be future-ready and can take challenges in life. Mooting starts with reading the case, distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant facts, and preparing a memo, which takes a lot of effort.

The ultimate aim is to present your case in an articulate manner. Anyone who moots tends to have a focus driven approach towards problem-solving having the ultimate goal in mind. This is where law students learn how to strategize. Moot is completely based on teamwork, research and to a great extent on articulate arguments. It is recommended for law students to consult their seniors who have won previous moots and prepare accordingly.

  1. Research papers:

The law school starts with assignments for the semesters and that need to be submitted within a time frame to the respective professors. Initially, students find difficulty in writing papers and struggle to submit within the time frame but with time, it gets much easier.

Research paper enables to get acquainted with intense research work and drafting which is a much-needed skill for a law student. Each and every legal work involved researching and drafting. Additionally, research helps students to gain knowledge in various legal woks. Writing research papers is the key tactics to hone research and writing skills.

  1. Debates:

There is a common notion that parliamentary debates are just an extracurricular and it will not help much in building CV but in reality, it is a prime focus everywhere. Debates are fun.

Debates help in enhancing one’s self-confidence, creativity, imagination power, and legal argumentation. Debate integrates oratory skills with an intellect which is not possessed by many. It is a mentally stimulating exercise that makes a law student ready for any challenges within a short span of time. Mock arbitration, negotiation, MUNs are also other activities that a law student should participate in. It will boost the CV and show your potential and talents.

  1. Online Courses:

The best law firm of the nation or topmost MNC leans toward hiring people who have certain experience or any kind of specialization in that particular sphere of law they desire for working. A decent online source gives both theoretical and practical knowledge in a specific domain.

In the law world full of competitions, an online course separates one from others creating a major impact at the time of recruitment. A law student can enrol in any course according to his/her field of interest and work hard to create an impact.

  1. Legal Events:

Various law colleges have a designed cell-specialized solely for creating legal awareness. Such cells tend to host conferences, networking events, public lectures, and awareness programs with the main idea of providing legal knowledge. This will enhance an individual and brings the best out of it.

Cell introduces different students to different fields and they have the option to host a session outside the college to help other law students.

Things You Should Do to Score High in Exam

Law exams are really stressful and exhausting in terms of the contents. Long textbooks and judgments make it even tougher. Exams put so much pressure that students lose faith in achieving a high percentage. And a low percentage in CV leaves a negative impact.

Here are some of the tips which will help the law students to score high in examinations:

  • Don’t lose faith:

The life of a law student is filled with hardships. The reason is that this profession demands a lot of hard work, sincerity, and diligence. If you are not well versed with the things which are necessary for you, you are definitely going to have a lot of difficulty in comprehending whatever you’re reading.

Law students have to make their brains acquainted with the long study hours for scoring high. They should be really thorough with whatever they read.

Most of the students panic a lot and lose faith during examinations. They experience a blackout during examinations which affects their performance in paper and they score less. They should not lose faith and grasp the entire topic whatever they read.

Scoring less has a disastrous effect on the CV. Even the firms which provide internship pay a lot of attention to CGPA/percentage scored by the applicants. Scoring well is helpful at the time of the interview.

  • Read More

Reading is the most essential activity in a law school. The law demands reading. It is much difficult to survive in a law school without reading. Students should be ready to read anytime anywhere according to the need. Skimming over the course is definitely a bad idea as it will not effectively help in examinations.

The more you read the more knowledge you will get. Students should not give up on reading and should read repeatedly if not understood properly. Once a reading habit is developed, memorizing would be easy and efficient.

  • Make a Daily Routine

It is necessary for a law student to follow a proper routine to score high. Creating and following a routine is vital. Following a daily routine helps in stress control, managing time, attain discipline.

  • Attend Classes and Make Notes

Maintaining 75% attendance is sometimes irritating. Law students should be mentally present in class helps in scoring high in exams. And they should be responsive and should participate in class. And making notes is one of the most important things to score high. They should note down the important points and they should have prior knowledge about the upcoming lecture.

  • Revise on Weekends

Students should revise the entire concepts at the end of the week. This will maintain continuity and will help in the time of examinations. Revision helps the students to have control over their knowledge.

  • Clear Doubts and Don’t Procrastinate

Students must clear all their doubts by contacting their professors. Having a clear concept helps at the time of examination.

Procrastination will eventually make things difficult as it will keep piling up in the end. The best way to stop procrastination is to set deadlines earlier then the professor provides.

  • Practice Previous Papers

The best way to score high in exams is to practice the past year papers. Past year papers are available with the library in the respective colleges. A law student should apply that approach to his/her study as well for scoring well in the exams and this will enhance the writing skills.

  • Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is very essential for scoring high marks. Rest is needed in between for proper functioning of the brain. Law requires a lot of patience and keeping the brain healthy is essential.

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