e-Nyayaganga Digital Poster Making Competition 2022

By | January 19, 2022

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“e-Nyayaganga” – a Pan-India Digital Legal Literacy Project of National Law Institute University, Bhopal, under the aegis of the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, amiably call for online Digital Poster Making Competition for all at National-level showcasing “Promotion of Girl Child Education and Government Welfare Policies” on the glorious occasion of the National Girl Child Day on 24 January 2022.

The day is celebrated to spread awareness w.r.t. importance of girl child, their nutrition, their health, their education, gender equality, social stigma against girl child and inequalities faced by girl child.

The theme of the event

“Promotion of Girl Child Education and Government Welfare Policies”

Guidelines for submission

  1. The submissions are accepted from all Indian citizens.
  2. The submissions are accepted in all Indian vernacular languages, including Hindi and English.
  3. The poster shall have a message on promoting girl child education and government welfare policies.
  4. The poster may include any social issue of recent times.
  5. The poster may emphasise any issue related to the patriarchal structure of society.
  6. The width and height of the poster should be moderate.
  7. The size of the file should not be more than 50MB.
  8. Participant name or identifying mark must not appear on the digital Poster.
  9. Digital Poster should be the original work of the participant. Any participant found violating rules and regulations will be disqualified from the competition.
  10. No posters should include an image or name of government officials.
  11. All respective copyrights of the poster shall rest with the ‘e-Nyayaganga’, NLIU, Bhopal.

Acknowledgement and Awards

1st Prize 5000/- INR

2nd Prize 3000/- INR

3rd Prize 2000/- INR.

Certificate of Participation To All Participants

Process of selection of the winners

  1. The selection will be made by the constituted Screening Committee formed for this purpose.
  2. The Digital Poster will be judged according to the theme’s creativity, presentation, and relevance.
  3. The selected Posters will be published on the NLIU, Bhopal website etc.

Nature and deadline for submission

  1. The DigitalPoster must be submitted on the link below in PDF format and PNG format (Both).
  2. Submissions are to be made only via the link attached to this Notification.
  3. Last date of submission: 23 January 2022, till 02:00 PM.
  4. Declaration of result and winners: 24 January 2022, 06:00 PM.

Link of submission

Click Here

For any queries, kindly contact

Research Associates:

Mr. Shudhanshu Pratap: +91- 9454034500

Mr. Divyansh Shrivastava: +91- 9131755359

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