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By | August 1, 2020
Online E-Yuva VidhanSabha | Yogya Empowering Society

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About E-Yuva VidhanSabha | Yogya Empowering Society

E-Yuva Vidhansabha is a very first initiative of its kind where the working of a Legislative Assembly is replicated and brought amongst the students through an online platform for them to become a part and experience leadership skills to build a positive difference in shaping the future of their own society.

The E-Yuva Vidhansabha is in continuation with the democratic tradition of our country. To uphold this legacy and transfer it through a platform to the future leaders Yogya has initiated a session which shall provide a virtual platform to the students from various universities of the nation to understand the working of the Legislative Assembly and to brush up their speaking, researching, and analytical skills.

Developing Leaders for Tomorrow or Leaders of the Future remains the idea behind this initiative.

Registration Procedure

Students who are from Delhi have to fill the form and there will be a calling interview and after the selection of the Participant, Yogya Team will provide workshops to explain the procedure of VidhanSabha. After the training, students will be allotted with the respective MLA and designation of Minister, Speaker of House, etc.

Proper Training will be given to all the selected Participants by the Workshop Committee.


Students from any educational background are allowed (Law, Policy, Political Science, Economics, Ph.D. Scholars, BBA, Research Scholars, etc.) but the specific need is that students who live in the State of New Delhi are allowed to Participate because the VidhanSabha will take place on the issues of New Delhi.

Registration Fee

There are no registration fees, but students have to fill the application form before 27th August 2020.


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Important Dates

7th September 2020 to 9th September 2020.

Awards and Achievements

  1. The Best Leader of the House- Trophy, and Certificate signed by Honorable Speaker of Delhi – Shri Ram Niwas Goel.
  2. The Best Leader of the Opposition- Trophy, and Certificate signed by Honorable Speaker of Delhi-  Shri Ram Niwas Goel.
  3. The Best Women Speaker of the House – Trophy, and Certificate signed by Honorable Speaker of Delhi – Shri Ram Niwas Goel.
  4. Best 3 Speakers will get a memento.

The Winners will get a chance to Visit the Delhi Vidhansabha and they will receive the certificate and trophy in the Delhi Legislation Assembly itself.


Coordinator, E-YUVA VidhanSabha

  • Avinash Sharma: +91-98101 70098

Committee Members, E-YUVA VidhanSabha

  • Neha Sharma: +91-90151 71077 [Operational Committee Member, E-YUVA VidhanSabha]
  • Shashank Shukla: +91-97735 22065 [Workshop Committee, E-YUVA VidhanSabha]

Reported by: Avinash Sharma

  1. Indian Parliament: Composition, Functions, Privileges & Inter-relation
  2. State Legislature: Composition, Functions and Privileges
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