Experience the life of a law student at HPNLU, Shimla

By | March 6, 2020
Experience the life of a law student at HPNLU, Shimla

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This article “Experience the life of a law student at HPNLU, Shimla” by Abhyudaya Raj Mishra, a student of Himachal Pradesh National Law University is an account of day to day life at HPNLU.

It was my dream to study at a National Law school and once I was there it was worth a dream. The location of HPNLU, Shimla is heavenly, far away from all the noise and pollutions of big Metropolitan cities.

Life of a law student at HPNLU

The day I entered HPNLU I got a sense that life here won’t be easy and it would require a lot of hard work to survive here. There would be some really important decisions to make and hence prioritization and scheduling was the key to avoid any trouble.

How is Life at HPNLU in the Beginning?

I joined the college in mid of August and it was rainy season in here. I could notice greenery all around. I spent my few days in confusion as I was 15 days late and hence, I missed a few introductory lectures at the university.

Lecture starts from 10 in the morning and the last lecture ends at 4 in the evening.  By the time the last lecture gets over we all get exhausted and that is the main characteristic of every law school though we get one-hour lunch break where we get our lunch served in university campus itself and after getting lunch most of the people enjoy the peaceful weather of Shimla by roaming around in the campus while some of us prefer either going to library or to our indoor sports room where you can play carrom and table tennis as well.

After all the lectures we get high tea served at the campus itself with some snacks as well. Most of our seniors after classes stay back till 8-9 pm in study halls and library while some people return back to the hostel. University has provided a bus which drops us to the hostel and some people walk to their respective hostels.

Life After College

Usually, we get free by 4.30 in the evening after coming back to hostels few people go to the nearby gym though not much fancy one like we have in Delhi and Lucknow but a very basic one with limited machines. I often enjoy my time by having tea and some snacks after returning from the gym in nearby cafes which serve you with some authentic and reasonable priced items and you can hang out there for as much time as you want.

Dinner is served to our respective hostels by 8.30 in the evening and quality of food is satisfactory especially after the September strike as we got a new mess.  The tender has been changed now and the new mess is working well under the mess committee formed by our own students, all the menu and the timings have been decided by mess committee that consists of students from every batch.

After having our dinner, we study in our respective hostel rooms or watch various web series. Recently we got a new WI-FI installed and this has helped in countering our work pressure and anxiety that we undergo.

Life in Weekends

As we have our university in isolated place 16 km away from Shimla, we usually have nothing to do on weekends but few people go to Delhi and Chandigarh in order to refresh themselves and relax. There is a place named Shalaghat where you can go if you want to play cricket or other outdoor games while our seniors prefer to go to the library. On Sundays, we usually stay back in our hostels.

For travelling aficionados, there are many worth going places like Kullu and Kufri nearby where you can relax.

Coming to conclusion life in weekends at HPNLU isn’t happening as compared to other NLU’s located in metro cities like Bangalore and Kolkata but you can refresh yourself in a natural environment or take rest in your hostel rooms only.

We hope once we get our permanent hostels inside the university campus, life will become more happening. This will lead to all the students living together (as of now we have 3-4 separate hostels outside the campus) and will further provide us with access to many facilities.

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