How Gender Dysphoria can Impact Working

By | April 21, 2021
Gender Dysphoria can Impact Working

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For some people, their main focus is to finish schooling and get their degree so that they can start their job in the workforce. Whether it’s becoming a lawyer, or something else, working towards your future is common for many younger adults.

However, a big problem for many is gender dysphoria.  This is unease due to the fact that their sex isn’t the same as the identity that they identify is, and it can have big complications for many people.

Here, we’ll discuss how dysphoria can impact the workplace, and how it can impact your ability to function.

Struggle with Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the biggest hurdles for those with issues involving their gender identity, especially in the workforce.

In some workplaces, how one expresses their gender can impact how clients see them. While you can be hired regardless of your gender or orientation, there is the challenge of being accepted by the workplace.

Many who have issues involving their gender identity struggle with depression, since they want to transition, but oftentimes due to finances and the like, it’s very hard. There is also the anxiety associated with passing in the workplace too.

Even in the most accepting of workplaces, this can be a challenge simply because it’s hard for others to accept. While many are becoming more aware and accepting of transgender individuals, it’s still not easy, especially for those who still believe there are only two binary genders.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem problems are another big hurdle. This can come from not feeling like you look like you pass, or even body issues associated with that.

In the workplace, being misgendered is unfortunately common. This as well creates problems.

Some people with gender identity issues will even choose to live as the gender they were born in, instead of course expressing the gender they identify as. This as well creates issues with self-esteem, since they can’t be who they are.

While some workplaces are okay with people identifying it, some employers aren’t, so it’s important that if you do struggle with identifying, you look for employers who are okay with your gender expression and identity.

Isolation problems

Isolation is another part of this.

Some people worry about seeking help or talking about it, and choose not to discuss this. It isolates them from others, and creates a major problem.

They don’t get the help that they need, and it can create big problems down the line. Sometimes, the isolation is so bad that, combined with depression, could lead to suicidal tendencies.


Kind of tied into the previous point, neglect also can come about. This may be bodily neglect, or just neglect in general.  Your boss or employer may notice this and make a comment, and it may put you at risk for termination as well.

This is a big problem, especially for those who struggle with dysphoria and aren’t able to properly express their gender identity.

Neglect spawns many problems, and this can come about in the workplace too.

Get Help 

It isn’t easy to deal with the workplace while struggling with your gender identity.

There are a few things you can do though. First. You should find a workplace that’s accepting of those who have gender identity issues.  See if they’re okay with you dressing and expressing yourself the way you want to.

Second, you should seek help. If you feel you have gender dysphoria, or know you have it, but need more help, there are plenty of resources. If you’re not sure of your gender or would like some assistance, you can go to Mind Diagnostics for more information, and to help you determine this.

Gender dysphoria is a real thing, and getting help for this will impact your life for the best, making it easier for you too.

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