Interview: Mr. Harsh Singrodia, Head Legal Team, Borderless Access

By | July 23, 2021

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Mr. Harsh Singrodia has more than 7 years of experience in Corporate legal. He has worked with two major IT companies i.e. Wipro and Capgemini. And currently Mr. Harsh is heading the legal team for Borderless Access.

Mr. Harsh Singrodia has CS and LLB degree along with a Masters in business law from NLSIU Bangalore.

Here’s the excerpt from the Interview with Mr. Harsh Singrodia.

Legal Bites: Sir, would you please let us know about your journey of college life and what were the skills that you inculcated during that period of time?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: It was fun. The subjects were different each semester. I liked few subjects and in some of the subjects, I just wanted passing grades. But I was focused and wanted to graduate with good grades.

In my college, I understood if I want to have a good career, I will have to improve my drafting and writing skills. The way lawyers write and that is what I focused on more.

Legal Bites: Sir, what made you opt for law?  And did you have any plan B, like if not law then what?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: In my family, we have many lawyers, and following their path, I wanted to be a lawyer. Currently, if not law then nothing. It has become a critical part of my life and I want to pursue my career only in law.

Law is vast, keep improving yourself and excel.

Legal Bites: Sir, we have often heard that networking is very important in the legal fraternity. To which extent is this true?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: Networking is very important in any profession but you have to ensure with whom are you networking with. As I have a full-time job, I try to connect with experts in the fields so that I keep learning new things.

Networking and learning help you think out of the box as you tend to learn new things via forums and discussions.

Legal Bites: Sir, if being asked about your journey in the corporate world, how did you manage things at first?  Were you ready enough to take sudden client calls?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: The tasks that I did first were something that was never taught to me in my college. So, I focused on learning things. I was first in my office as a fresher to travel onsite to understand the workflow of the client.

I use to rigorously create notes at first so that I do not have to ask the same thing twice and it became a habit to write things down.

After 2nd month onwards, I was on the client call working with them day and night and they gradually became more of colleagues to me.

Legal Bites: Sir, according to you which one is easier: corporate law or litigation?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: I have never worked in a litigation firm. It has always been corporate law for me and I will try to stick to it.

Legal Bites: Sir, as we can see you have been so successful in managing numerous roles at times (be it from legal counsel to data privacy attorney and what not). What gives you the motivation and power to manage these roles in a perfect manner?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: Learning new things, when you manage multiple things you learn new things and you never feel bored of what you are doing.

It also gives you an edge to excel in your career.

Legal Bites: Sir, do you like to guide the students in any way as there are students who are looking for a future in the corporate world?

Mr. Harsh Singrodia: Yes, LinkedIn is the platform where a lot of students connect with me and seek help. I ensure that I reply to each and every message. I am also planning to take a session for the students.

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