How To Choose The Best LSAT Prep Books When Studying For The LSAT

By | December 29, 2019
Best LSAT Prep Books

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There can be a lot of ways for aspiring law students to prepare for the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. You can hire a private tutor, take a class, or practice on your own. Tutors and classes will provide you with the necessary learning materials, but if you choose to strike out alone, you’re going to need the help of a few excellent preparation books.

How many prep books for LSAT do you need? Will it be a wise decision to use different materials from a bunch of LSAT companies when preparing for the test? This post will talk about how to choose the best LSAT prep books when studying for the LSAT. Read on below to learn more.

Take A Practice Test

The first thing that you have to do is to take a real, timed practice test in order to receive a complete performance analysis. Why the need to take a practice test when you’re only choosing an LSAT prep book? The answer is simple – it gives you a clear picture of where you currently are and allows you to discover your weaknesses and strengths. Taking a practice test would also help you with deciding whether to self-study, enrol yourself in a course, or hire a tutor and be in a one-on-one class.

If you only have utterly narrow needs, you’ll benefit from self-studying with the help of prep books. However, if you have wide-ranging struggles or a more massive gap between your desired score and your score from the practice test, you’ll need to have a more comprehensive course to add to your prep book collection.

Being able to gauge your needs accurately can help you not only identify the right books for you but also if you need to supplement the books with a more comprehensive learning resource like and online law course.

How Many Books Should You Choose?

Some students prefer using just one reference material to learn each section type of the test. However, others use multiple books to attack and beat the LSAT, and, yes, many of them have succeeded by using such an approach.

While several different books will cover the same topic, it allows you to pick out useful techniques from each book that appeal with most sense to you. The multiple-book approach gives you the chance to customize your strategy in a way that fits your thinking style best.

Below are some recommendations when choosing LSAT prep books to prepare for each of the section types in the test:

  • Logical Reasoning – Hearing expert thoughts about logical reasoning from one book will help for sure. But, as you probably have experienced, some tips will resonate with you while others will not, so it’s best to expose yourself to different approaches. A variety of thoughts from multiple books can help you strengthen your logical reasoning better.
  • Reading Comprehension – It’s not necessary to choose and get many books in order to do well in this section. What you can do with reading comprehension instead is to decide to learn from one source and try your skills out by answering some practice questions. Only seek the help of other books when you’re having trouble with your initial choice.

Start with one book and try to work on your weaknesses through it. If you feel that it isn’t enough to see maximum improvement or you’re still struggling to make some progress, then you may want to start seeking for more resources.

  • Logic Games

The logic games section is the trickiest of them all, so your decision in choosing a book for it comes down to your learning style. Do you learn better using a book with a particular delivery style, or with another resource having an entirely different method of going through the topics? It helps a lot to try a few books and see which one gives you comfort.

Do Your Research

The truth is there are a lot of excellent LSAT prep books out there.  Most companies that offer these books also give their prospective buyers a chance to see content previews online. And, that’s something you have to take advantage of when deciding which one to choose. So, shop around, read up, and investigate before settling and shelling out hundreds or even thousands of bucks with one or two prep materials. Don’t forget to examine the content and see if it’s something that you can benefit from for your LSAT preparation.

Final Thoughts

There must be a hundred different ways to successfully prepare for the LSAT. Whether you’re going to enrol yourself in an online course or utilize prep books, it doesn’t really matter for as long as your chosen strategy fit your learning needs and preferences. Now, hit and ace that LSAT!

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