Public Investments Solutions immigration company: How to obtain EU citizenship

By | May 17, 2022
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People all around the world prefer to become independent, and get more opportunities to realize their ambitions by immigration.

Immigration can change the life conditions of a person for the better. This could be called the beginning of a new life. A lot of citizens from CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) and other countries choose to become Europeans because of the EU advantages. The immigration company Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. assists travelers, investors, businessmen and common people to get these opportunities by obtaining EU citizenship.

The advantages of over the other immigration companies

There are many migration companies which support people during their immigration process. However, there are a few differences that make stand out from the others:

  • Team of professional lawyers who are well-informed in the field of immigration with almost ten-year experience;
  • Compliance with the European legislation;
  • Translation and notarization of the immigrant’s documents;
  • Individual program selection for every client on the basis of their needs;
  • Documents collection by the lawyers;
  • Possible submission of documents by power of attorney (POA);
  • Instalment payment;
  • Legal support for close family members of the applicant.

The lawyers of Public Investments Solutions take responsibilities to prepare all the documents on time.

To become European citizen the applicant can use the services of the following companies:

By participating in these programs, people have a chance to find very valuable opportunities.

It includes running business abroad, low taxes, work and study in EU country, and visa-free travelling to a lot of countries all over the world.

How to choose the most appropriate way to obtain EU citizenship?

In case the applicants choose the repatriation procedure, they should meet the requirement of the origin of the country which they want to immigrate to. The birth and marriage certificates of close relatives can confirm the origin of the applicant. This way of obtaining EU citizenship is also called “restoration of citizenship” and laid down in the Citizenship Law.

In case, the potential EU citizens do not have the documents which prove their origin, the lawyers of Public Investments Solutions can find the necessary papers in repository.

The other way of obtaining EU citizenship is investment. It is appropriate for wealthy persons who are able to purchase real estate, set up their own company, or make a non-refundable donation to the country’s economy. Investors can choose any of the programs approved by the state government. In this situation the lawyers help to choose the most suitable option for the needs of the client.

The most important advantage concerning the described ways above is that people can get a second citizenship without renouncing a current citizenship.

The advantages of investment and repatriation:

  • Quick registration procedure;
  • Preservation of the current citizenship;
  • Opportunity to take advantage of preferential tax treatment;
  • People can take loans and mortgages in European banks.

Do the immigrants need support of lawyers?

Each of these procedures requires professional support of experts. It provides the client with simple processing, as well as legality of immigration, and the lawyers of Public Investments Solutions S.R.L. are responsible for that. It is important that you will be guaranteed the privacy of your personal file. Every stage of obtaining EU citizenship is assisted by the lawyers of Public Investments Solutions who are well-informed in the field of immigration.

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