Humanity Defeated – Rohingya vs Myanmar

By | September 24, 2017

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What Happened?

The entire world looks with despair at the growing resentment for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Having been labeled as the most ‘persecuted group’ of people, this abominable incident was expected to materialize. This incident that many have described as ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims raises several questions over the government’s policies for this minority group. These abhorrent killings commenced with the Rohingya Insurgents having attacked a military post. Since then hundreds of these minority group members have been brutally killed and tortured. Ever since this incident ensued, hundreds of thousands Rohingya Muslims have fled their state to seek shelter in the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and India.

It is but strange how the Rohingya Muslims per se have had no identity of their own for decades. They are a breed of impoverished, stateless people who are denied the basic right to life and liberty. The prevalent nationalistic feeling that pervaded the elite strata of the society added to the burden of these minority group members who have always been an anomaly. For years they have been fleeing their state due to the tumultuous condition of their region. World leaders and Nobel Peace Prize winners alike have condemned these torturous killings and called for immediate relief and solution for this subdued group.


Children of displaced families near the port of Sittwe, Myanmar

Myanmar’s Stand on the Incident

Their leader, Aung San Suu Kyi‘s lukewarm reaction to this entire episode has been another disappointing aspect. Having vouched for and struggled to attain freedom for years, she was a source of inspiration for all who had for years led a chained and restricted life. She was considered a woman of high stature who symbolized peace and humanity and was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. However, ever since she came to power it was expected that her staunch support and belief would dissolve the country of these regional issues. Today as she refuses to acknowledge the sufferings and pain of her own countrymen, people all over the world are speechless. Her political ambitions and appeasement policies have allegedly been the primary reasons for such a cold reaction.

A woman who was once believed to have fought against all odds today stands at the threshold of a pertinent national issue with whatsoever no empathy and solicitude for her own people.

Without an external body’s intervention, this episode is unlikely to meet its cessation. For justice to be meted out to each of those members, it is imperative for Aung San Suu Kyi to attend the United Nation’s General Assembly. Shunning it will not conceal how the deteriorated condition of Rohingya Muslims today is somehow a result of her ineffective political and legal implementations of policies.

– Shrishti Vatsa

Content Writer @ Legal Bites