Indian Moral Preaching Suffers from Great Depression

By | October 15, 2017

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Indian Moral Preaching Suffers from Great Depression

Education is one of the unique gifts specific to human beings. Education is for everyone irrespective of his or her differences in India. Long ago, there was education based on professions. Though some Indians had no script education, they had training in their professions. Though they had the least idea of scripts, they had knowledge of Virtues and Vices. This is why Indians survived many psychological renewals.

Their parents, teacher and other elders instituted this education. Now moral education is found as an extinct subject. I was once shocked by my tuition teacher’s question. The question was so embarrassing. It was, “Why do your school waste time to hold moral science classes?” I was initially startled. She found the school was wasting time rather than coaching. In our school, our science teacher would connect her nuclear theory to moral values. Nuclear theory to atom bombs to the plight of people in Japan today. Every King is a moral lesson from the eyes of our History Sister. Every animal teaches something or the other through its life pattern according to my zoölogy teacher.

These teachings seemed stupid to some people around. These people, again and again, bluff over the lack of coaching!!! Hilariousness to the core!!!

Coaching is similar to the training given to the animals in a circus. The potential in a man is understood only when he is left with himself. No external force helps him achieve what he can. A good student studies whatever he wants to. The external forces may guide a person but not compel him.

Thiruvalluvar, the renowned writer of Thirukkural, wrote about a variety of people called ‘Chaandror’, which means an educated person in his work. These people were true, loyal, majestic, loving and helping. It might be because of the education that was given to him. The education was not paperbound but covered everything that was a learner. Pathetically, in today’s scenario, the rate of crimes increases among the educated groups.

Initially, the Gurus asked the students to assure prudent and fair usage of arms during their training. Not everything was invented for destruction. Internet was found for a good cause. Wagons helped easy access. Computers were to hold data and help men. All these things that helped men were branded unsafe at some points. This is due to bad teaching and lack of moral lessons.

Modern Day Practices

There is a practice widely followed nowadays. Mothers teach their infants colors, flags, to the astonishment of everyone, botanical names. This is hilarious from the baby’s eyes. A baby is in need of moral education. Our ancestors knew what was to be taught at certain ages. They told moral stories, sang hymns, and taught moral verses. This is essential rather than general knowledge.

The first travel for the mind is to travel to learn things to serve others. This generates pure thoughts. When the mind is clear with pristine thoughts, it travels towards the next stage of learning things that could serve their mind.

Today many parents argue that education lacks academic exposure. The institution nor the Government nor the parents need to give exposure. Everyone is exposed to knowledge. However, the sad thing is that exposure towards suffering and plight of poor people is coming down gradually. Parents and teachers can take steps to speak about morality.

An Indian can be an illiterate but not uneducated. Now it is vice versa. Sometimes a literate man can be ignorant of moral values. This must be eradicated by propagating good values among masses.

– Sivashruthy Namachivayam

Content Writer @ Legal Bites

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