Success is something which everyone wants to achieve in life.

Success is something which everyone wants to achieve in life. In this modern era intelligence dominates beauty. Beauty alone will not be able to achieve success and lead a good professional life. At first, beauty will impress others but what stays is intelligence. In a professional field beauty doesn't work much they have to be fit for work and they should be able to prove themselves so beauty alone can’t do anything in life. Physical beauty is eternal and does stay longer but what stays is internal beauty and intelligence. If one is intelligent enough he can pursue his dreams and apply for a good education and a healthy lifestyle.

In every field, we need the element of the intelligence

One cannot stand in any field without basic intelligence and education. Even in beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe in such contest also they evaluate their intelligence language skills and behavioural patterns son along with beauty intelligence also very important. Even the film actress should be able o answer the questions asked by the media. For that, they must possess education and also should be able to contribute something to society. Now what is more important to lead a successful life is intelligence, good manners, tolerance, patience, adjustment, understanding, and discipline these are very important factors along with beauty.

People have some misconception that beauty plays an important role in life and that only take one to the height of life. But they have to understand beauty is for time limits when they waste their time and money to make one attractive and beautiful they should spend their energy and money on making oneself educative.

Intelligence makes oneself independent and that makes your life better. No one can steal your intelligence. Whether you are poor or rich once you educate yourself then no one put you down in that matter. But beauty is all about money. Once you finish your money if you are not able to give healthy food to your body and not able to go parlour then automatically beauty fades but intelligence is all about hard work and life experience anything can fade.

Beauty is mortal

As I said beauty fades but intelligence never fades. As you become old and you get lots of life real experience you learn about life more and more. Beauty is all about numbers once you cross the age of 30 and 35 naturally your fades. So beauty never remains forever but intelligence remains forever. So priority must be given to intelligence rather than beauty.

Intelligence can face any kind of situation

As we know life is all about facing challenges and has to face various situations which may not be a natural one. So if you are beautiful but without brains, you may not be able to handle such situations. So beauty is an element of life which will vanish as time goes but intelligence is something which can’t be erased as time passes. The brain makes life simpler and helps an individual to face all kind of challenges and problematic situations.

Beauty also makes an individual unique

Beauty is also important in our life. Don’t take me wrong, when we go for an interview or meet a superior person we have to dress well. It also matters by our personality we can pass a positive impact. But when we compare intelligence and beauty, intelligence stands out. We naturally give importance to intelligence because it makes one person to reach success and without any kind of educational and learning intelligence one will not be able to reach success.

We should not avoid beauty it’s also a positive element in one’s personality but we can’t take it alone. Along with beauty intelligence also matters. If anyone gave a chance to select one then for sure they will select intelligence because beauty fades as time passes and in this competitive world we can’t exist with beauty only. In the professional field, we have accepted some strategies and some serious thoughts that intelligence are needed. So to lead a happy and successful life intelligence and education is very important.

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