Internship Experience @ Akhilesh Saxena Associates

By | February 22, 2017

Name of Student


Name of the Organisation

Akhilesh Saxena Associates

Duration of the internship

1 month

Team Strength

4 junior total 5member (including 1 senior)

Application procedure

Only college reference letter

First day

It was really adorable. When I went to high court first time it was amazing experience. There i learned the decorum of the court. How to maintain the decorum of the court . On the first day I got the judges names and room number only.

Work environment

The juniors are very good and work environment was also excellent. They teach me each and every thing. They told me how to send the summon or how to file the petition and many things.

Best things

They are giving the time to interns too. Otherwise many advocates are there who will not teach you , you have to understand whats going on so it was the best thing about the organization at least they are giving the opportunity to do work and learn about the field.

Bad things



NO stipend

Anything you would like to tell


Biggest Lesson

Concentration is very important. without concentration you will not be able to win the case. Each and every word can change the case so concentration is the most important thing



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