Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Ikrant Sharma, Chamber No. 738, Tis Hazari Court, New Delhi

By | February 5, 2017

Name of Student, College

Prateek Arora, Chanderprabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of Law , Narela, New Delhi, 4th year Ba Llb(H) Student.

Duration of the internship

2 Months (i.e. 1st June till 31st august)

Team strength

The Office was not as big as one would fancy in the movies but yes it was good enough, huge, very well built, three storied building with a very decent infrastructure and was very spacious and was comfortable enough to work for all the associates and was also good enough to cater to eight-ten clients at a time.

Application Procedure

I was offered Internship under the College Internship Programme.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it

As I have home in Delhi so I need not Worry of any accommodation and any other travelling as usually I commute from one place to other in Metro.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

My first day experience will not be same as the Experience of my whole Internship Experience as Honestly on my first day @ Chamber My Senior Sir was busy in some Importantarrow matter and Completely Forgot that I was Coming to the chamber.

By the time he had finished his work it was already 4 in the evening and by that time all the other interns also start leaving and I was suddenly surprised as my senior sir made a guest appearance and reached the chamber and he apologizes that he forgot to cater to me any matter on my first day of my internship but he also told me to enjoy that day as he would be giving me loads of work and I will be missing the days in which I can sit comfortably with no work.

Main tasks

In the next few days I have witnessed a huge turnover of my seniors as earlier my seniors sir was not comfortable with giving me work but I noticed within a week’s time I was overburden at initially with work. But it was all in the good Sense.

Basically I was pretty lucky That my senior sir had a lots of trust and as well as confidence on me so he had given me a lots of work and he had told me that for me the sky is the limit as I can involve into as many matter as I can but before involving into the matter I need to take advise from seniors or of the co associates.

Work environment, people

Well I had done Several internships so thus it was in my opinion was one of the best as the Infrastructure of the office/Chamber was also good, Most importantlyarrow my senior sir are also very good in nature and helpful and was always looking to help me out but only when he himself is not preoccupied with the work.

Best things

Well I am shortarrow f the Words as I feel there are not adequate words to Describe How much I love Being associated with the Chamber 738 of IKRANT SHARMA Sir

Bad things

Well it was such a good experience that I hardly remember any bad memory of my Internship under Chamber 738 of Tis Hazari Court i.e. My Internship under IKRANT SHARMA Sir.

But after thinking of for several hours I recollect that the only bad memory which I have was that I was not given any task to perform on my first day of the internship as would I have liked.

What did you do to chill?

Well I do not need any one individual to Chill out as I was blessed with very Friendly Sir and as well as the associates so thus they use to laugh crack joke Eat Lunch with Each other and evenarrow Partied with each other and they also were very comfortable with the interns which is such a good and one of the rarest thing

Stipend/ month

No there was none. It was the only bad thing of my interning experience which I can probably think of as there was not any stipend which I feel to be a bit of Hardship for any intern as if there is no Stipend from Senior so there is a Difficulty in managing the expenses of travelling from one court to the other as it puts pressure on Ones Savings as I have to manage it from my Personal pocket money which I receives from my parents.

Anything else you’d like to tell

Those who want to get an ultimate Interning Experience then they must try out and see themselves and it is a must Intern Chamber for Every Law Student and thus it is Highly recommendable from my side.

Biggest lessons

In my opinion one should not judge a book by its cover as on my first day of my internship I was not given any task and I was just sitting idle as my senior sir was preoccupied in a case and had forgot to know that I was about to come on that particular day and o for the same I had no task on that day which I feel very boring but I was soon surprised what the Associates at Chamber 738 had in the Store for me.


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