Internship Experience : Chambers of Advocate Shantanu Rastogi, Chamber No. Y-26, Tees Hazari Court, Delhi

By | December 30, 2016

Chambers of Advocate Shantanu Rastogi

By – Mansi Gupta, G.D Goenka University, Third Year

Name of the Organisation

Shantanu Rastogi Adv. of High Court, Delhi

Chamber No. Y-26 Civil side Tees Hazari Court, Delhi.

Team strength

Not a big office but yes spacious enough to accommodate 6-7 people. He is the ruler of his chamber and has a clerk as well.

Application procedure

I applied to him through a known family friend. For other students who wish to apply can send their CVs to [email protected]


6 days a week except for 2nd Saturday. The court opens at 10 am so you need to be there before this time. The day usually ends around 5:30 pm but sometimes it stretches to 6 or 6:30 pm when there are clients or you need to prepare for the next day.

Accommodation: How, where and how was it?

Since I live in Delhi accommodation was not a concern for me. But for those applying from out of Delhi can have a nice PG in nearby Kamla Nagar Market. You get an added advantage of well-connected metro line.

First impression, the first day, formalities etc.

Before beginning with the actual internship I was called a day earlier to get accustomed to the environment. I was happy entering the chamber as I could see a bundle of files, which gave me a relief that he actually got some cases on which I can help him. I was briefed about the next day hearings.

On the official first day, I reached right on time in court and was welcomed by his clerk. The case took long to finish after which we headed towards the chamber where a client was waiting for us. For the first day, I just keenly listened to their communication. For lunch, we ordered south Indian food, which is the specialty of Tees Hazari court. The day went well and ended with the briefing for the next day. I just loved the ambiance and felt like I am already part of the legal team.

There were as such no formalities required just be in advocate dress if you want to be treated like an associate and not an intern.

Main tasks

Main tasks include the appearance in court matters pertaining to property issues, matrimonial issues etc. He gave me the chance of drafting lawsuits, agreements, and notice. Also, I assisted him in client counseling.

Work Environment

Work environment was lovely. He can provide you with the best professional guidance and proved to be a wonderful mentor.

Best things

He gave me the freedom to give my inputs in cases, which very few lawyers allow.

Bad things

Sometimes there are times where you just sit idle in the chamber with no work to do.


No stipend

Anything else you would like to tell

If you really look for an opportunity to learn the details of the court proceeding and the actual working of the legal system and looking for a place to give your inputs as well and opportunity to work on cases, then he is the right person you should go to.

Biggest lessons

Big names do add value to your CV but if you want to learn and not just sit in a corner of the office then go for people who are ready to teach you.

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