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By | March 23, 2018
District Court Panipat concentrate

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Nancy Garg, a first year Law student, pursuing her graduation from SRM University Sonipat, Haryana narrates her Internship Experience at District Court Panipat.

Name, College, Year of Study

Nancy Garg, SRM University, Sonepat, 1st year.

Name of the Organization and Address

Chamber No. 100, 1st floor, District court, Panipat, Haryana.

Duration of the Internship

1 month.

How big was the office

The chamber/office was quite big enough to manage everything well. Team strength – 4 advocates, 2 male advocates and 2 female advocates.

Application Procedure

I contacted through my relative but casually, one can directly contact by visiting the court. Internship contact details – 9813014138, Adv. Surender Kumar Bhardwaj, email: [email protected]


My house was near to the court itself, so it was easy for me to do my internship there. For others, PG and flats are easily available in Panipat at reasonable rates.

First impression. The first day, formalities etc

On the very first day of my internship, I was introduced to the staff of the chamber. I was made to understand everything that they expect from me and the kind of work I would be getting for the duration of the internship in a very cordial manner.
There aren’t any formalities as such.

Sir has a separate room with a very good collection of books. The library is an added advantage and worth a mention for having all kinds of books to get the feels for the Litigation.

Main tasks

The work included quality research on some very interesting current matters, helping sir in drafting and timely rearranging of the files. Apart from the research work, I attended the hearings in Court where we got the opportunity to see Surender Sir and Aditya sir argue.

In the later period of my internship, sir personally guided and made me understand the practical aspect of the law. I got to accompany him in some high profile matters and listen on live matters which really broadened my understanding of different Laws.

As Surender Sir is a mediation lawyer too, I accompany him to see the mediation cases where he used to convince both the parties to settle down some issues and some cases were really interesting to watch because many-a-times, the two families fought on such small issues that made everyone laugh badly.

Work environment, people

The work environment is really positive and makes the interns feel good about coming to work. The whole staff is nice and kind and is very humble and friendly. Both Surender sir and Aditya sir acted as a mentor to me and guided me properly. And being there with a fresher advocate Payal Ghose, it felt really amazing.

The associates are always ready and willing to help interns in their work. They also sometimes have fun with interns and tend to make the atmosphere light, yet healthy.

Best things

Apart from the positives that have been discussed so far, interns get to have lunch and tea with the associates and during which sir tends to discuss politics and current affairs. Moreover, the mediation cases were the best part of my internship as there were some interesting cases too with the serious ones.

Bad things

In total nothing was bad but someone said that nothing is perfect in this world so time will tell that what improvement needs to be done in the office.

What did you do to chill

we all talked about politics and interesting case laws. Sometimes, sir use to talk about tactics of life which make us feel good and relaxed. The library is also a good place to chill where you can read as many books as you can and even go and browse the internet on computers present there.

Stipend/ month

no stipend but got some books as a gift.

Biggest lessons

Internships can be a lot of fun, so relax, get to know the new people around you and enjoy yourself! Always put your all efforts to work and try to acquire the practical knowledge as much as you can. Do not lose hope you will get the success.

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