Internship Experience @ HPCL,New Delhi

By | January 31, 2017

Internship Experience @ HPCL,New Delhi

Name, College, Year of Study

Anjali Gupta, Campus law Centre, Second year

Name of Organization & Address

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, 6th and 7th Floor, Core – II, North Tower, Scope Minar, Dist.Centre, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi- 110092

Duration of Internship

20th June, 2016 to 19th July 2016

Team Strength

The office was quite big, occupying 2 floors of a huge building. Also, the staff there was large in number. However, the legal department was very small consisting of 6-8 members.

Application Procedure

I got the internship through a reference. There were also other interns who had got there through reference only.


As I stayed nearby, I needed no separate accommodation. However, one can easily find a good PG in the near vicinity in Laxmi nagar area at cheap rates.

First Impression & First Day Formalities

On the first day I met the head of the legal department. He was very friendly and made me introduce to other members of the law department. I was assigned a cubicle which was next to my mentor’s cabin. I was given some guidelines to study named MSG guidelines as that those formed the basis of the whole work which I was to do during the internship. The office was very nice and gave a good feeling.

Main Tasks

My main task to study the case laws to which HPCL was a party. As it dealt with arbitration and conciliation only, all the cases I read related to arbitration proceedings. Also, I was sometimes asked to prepare case summaries for Sir for his next meeting. I also got an opportunity to hear the arbitration proceeding once which took place in the office itself.

Work Environment

All the office members were very friendly and helpful. They were always available for any help any needed. They used to talk to the interns like friends and not like they were some senior employees or something.

Chilling Out

If one gets bored, they can easily walk out of the office and spend some time V3S mall which is situated just behind the office. Also, after the office hours one can go to laxmi nagar area for some shopping.

Best Things

The working time, though was from 9 AM to 5 PM but Sir allowed us to leave early whenever we wanted. Timings were very flexible.

Also, one gets to eat a tasty and healthy lunch in the office canteen which is very spacious. This is apart from tea and soup being served at regular intervals.

Bad Things

Most of the time I found myself without work and has to continuously ask for some work from Sir.



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