Internship Experience @ Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. Odisha

By | April 20, 2017

Name, College, Year of Study


Name of the Organization and Address

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Duration of the internship

One Month

How big was the office? Team Strength?

The office was big high rise handsome building located in the heart of the city with 5 floors. For internship generally, they accept only 2 interns at a time.

Application procedure

Internship contact details one has to visit the Office in person and talk with the Senior Law Manager, Mr. B.R.Rout or else the Law Officer, Mr. Mohammad Shoaib for the vacancy of either summer or winter slots. Permission letter from the University along with resume is to be submitted. If selected, they will follow up with a phone call or mail.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I stay in my college hostel. Still, if anyone is from outside, there wouldn’t be any difficulty finding accommodation. There are number of paying guest facility nearby Patia.

First impression, First day, formalities etc.

The office was huge and beautifully organized. When I got my joining date, I was very happy. But as the date came nearer, I was a bit nervous. Many questions occupied my brain like how will be the atmosphere of the office, will I be able to adjust with the work pressure, will I be able to work well and complete targets, etc. but after meeting with our guide for internship duration Mr. Sohaib we were relaxed. He first asked us to write anything and everything we know about setting up of petrol pumps. We gave it in 15 minutes and from there began the corrections to explaining how it will be done which later became our project work.

Main tasks (in detail)

We were given case files to be drafted based on Contract Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law. After that, we were given a project each to be submitted at the end of internship which was sent to Kolkata for evaluation and on basis of marks allotted we were given the certificates.

Work environment, people

We didn’t get any opportunity to interact with any people as because there were only 3 people in the law department. If we talk about people in general at the office they are polite and nice to the interns making us feel comfortable.

Best things? (Nothing is all bad)

Both the Law Officer was generous enough to help. They used to ensure we understood everything without having the slightest of the doubt. The food served in the canteen was delicious.

Bad things? (Nothing is all good)

We were not required to attend the office every day.

What did you do to chill?

Co-interns, colleagues well nearby the office there is nothing. One has to walk for over 10minutes to reach out anything. Usually, our duration was three hours so we didn’t bored easily.

Stipend/ month


Biggest lessons

No one expects you to know everything when you first start a new job so feel free to ask questions or ask for help when you need it. Remember that it’s better to ask for clarification before you’ve spent the time to complete a task the wrong way. It should go without saying that it’s important to show up to work every day and establish a good attendance record.

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