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By | February 1, 2018
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J. Sagar Associates (JSA) is a leading national law firm in India comprising over 300 professionals, with 8 offices across the country. For over two decades, we have provided legal advice and services to international and domestic clients.


Mridul Mertia, 4th Year BBA LLB, School Of Law, Raffles University, Neemrana (Raj.).

Worked at

J. Sagar Associates (JSA), Mumbai.

Duration of Internship

January 2018 – February 2018 (4 weeks)

Office Address

Vakils House,18 Sprott Road, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Landmarks: Customs House, National Restaurant, Britannia Cafe.

Application procedure

The application can be sent via application process mentioned on the website or you can mail your CV’s and cover letter and a recommendation letter from the respective colleges to [email protected] or to Ms. Niloufer Irani at [email protected].

How big was the office? Team strength?

3floors, around 150 people.

Work Hours

The office works 5 days a week, from 9:30 to 6:30 (depending upon work, it may extend), I’ve had to stay back till 8:30 on almost all days. In the event an intern stays post 9:30 PM, the firm pays for dinner and your cab fare. Even though Saturdays and Sundays are non-working days, if someone calls you, you have no choice, as I was called by a partner almost every weekend.

First impression, First day, Formalities etc.

On the first day, you are told to come in by 10 for the orientation. The office seems intimidating, big and you can get totally lost on the first day finding your way around the office.

I was asked to carry the following –

(a) A Copy of your transcripts,

(b) A blank cheque for stipend, and

(c) A Passport size photograph.

Ms. Niloufer Irani (who would have sent you the confirmation e-mail regarding your internship) will guide you through the registration process, filling up of relevant documents, etc. She’ll take you through the important guidelines, and get you started.

For those who haven’t worked at JSA before, you’ll be made to fill a form wherein you can choose your areas of interest.

I was made to sign an undertaking of not to disclose any of the firm’s confidential information after that I was given my intern kit.

After the orientation, Mr. Sankar (Intern’s head) gives you a mini-tour while taking you towards the interns seating area. Each floor has an intern area where desktops/laptops are assigned to each intern.

I was given an Intern email id, which could be exclusively accessed by me for being in touch with the associates of the firm for the work they had given. A Daily Time Sheet is to be maintained. I was also asked to submit a Worksheet on the last day.

Office and Work Environment

JSA’s Mumbai office is a 3 storied beautiful Victorian-style building Although the building has 4 floors, JSA’s offices cover the ground, first and third floor.

The work environment is pretty great at JSA. The associates are really cool to work with. They are friendly, approachable and act like buddies.

Not once do you feel inferior or would want the world to split wide open and suck you right in. Even if you make mistakes, the associates patiently explain to you the way and help you really learn. However, at times, it can get really stressful for an intern to cope up with tons of work and submit it on the same day. Moreover, there wasn’t a single day where I sat idle or got bored with the kind of work I was assigned. So it was a very satisfying experience. I personally look forward to interning there again.

Nothing much, other than the fact that doesn’t be too choosy about your work or you may end up with no work at all. If you cannot or do not wish to do the work assigned and want to change the same, please honestly tell the associate that the work isn’t of your type.

Be subtle but not blunt, or your internship may be jeopardized (screwing your chances of ever getting placed here). Also don’t be afraid to ask for work because that’s the norm around here.

Main Tasks

As I was the part of capital markets team, I was given every possible sort of work related to it, was lucky enough to work directly with a partner who is also the head of capital markets team for JSA.


It would definitely be the way you look at a corporate law firm. JSA manages to balance all aspects and helps you learn a lot during your internship. JSA shows you that even if you are an intern, you are given tons of appreciation for your (good) work.

For me, JSA was an enriching experience that really helped me grow. It taught me to differentiate between my interests, politely say no to work I knew wouldn’t want to do but at the same time showed me how one should adapt and accept certain work even if you do not wish to undertake the same.

Other good things

In addition to a stipend of Rs.1500/week, each intern is given a set of Sodexo coupons worth Rs.1100, these may be used at Dominos, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Theo’s and even at Nationals (small vegetarian restaurant adjacent to JSA)

Open Pantry – Each floor at the JSA Office has a well-stocked pantry which has an unlimited supply of few types of biscuits, tea, coffee. An intern is allowed to gorge as much as he/she wants!

The Office is 10 seconds away from Britannia, one of the oldest and best places for Parsi/Irani food in south Bombay. It’s expensive, but the berry pulao is worth a try.


One can take a P.G. near marine lines station.



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