Internship Experience at the office of KK Jangra

By | October 7, 2021
Internship Experience at the office of KK Jhangra

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This Internship Experience at the office of KK Jangra is written by Ankit Kumar, a fourth-year law student at BRCM Law College, Bahal, Bhiwani sharing his internship experience at the office of K. K. Jangra, Senior Advocate at Session and District court Fatehabad.

Name of the lawyer 

Office of Mr. Krishan Kumar Jangra, Senior Advocate at Session and District court Fatehabad.

Duration of the internship

The internship period was of 15 days.

Internship Experience at the office of KK Jangra

1. First-day formalities

On my first day, I  reached the office by 9 a.m. and met Advocate K. K. Jangra. I was then introduced to the other staff members working at the firm who welcomed me in the firm. As a part of my internship, I visited the Session Judge Court, Additional Session Judge Court and Chief Judicial Magistrate Court etc. along with other interns and juniors.

I was also familiarized with the work culture and explained the work I was expected to undertake during my internship period by my mentor and the expectations of my mentors in terms of the quality work required from me.

2. From the second day onwards

I was given the responsibility to visit the lower courts and observe the procedure of the courts and note the important dates pertaining to the cases. In this process, I was familiarized with the cause list that mentions the case name, name of the advocate along with serial numbers for record purposes. I also gained hands-on experience in framing the file, vakalatnama, extension certificate etc.

My Experience

I had a great experience office of KK Jangra. Not only was I exposed to practical knowledge about the field of law but also allowed to be a part of the process of access to justice. This kind of knowledge cannot be gained in a class set-up and thus, necessitates internships as a part of the learning process. The firm and its employees were supportive of my journey of learning and assisted me at every stage of the internship.

The skillset and knowledge that I have gained through this internship has equipped me with the know-how of the legal field and has opened up a plethora of opportunities for me. As a student keen on becoming a successful lawyer, the lessons that I gained in the firm have prepared me for my career in litigation. The frequent visits to court, the delegation of important responsibilities on me by my mentors and their support through all the tasks and challenges has allowed me to grow as a law student.

Thus, this experience was a fruitful one for me and I am thankful to Mr. K. K. Jangra and the firm members for giving me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge and expand my capabilities and helping me develop an interest in litigation.

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