Internship Experience: Pavan Duggal Associates, New Delhi

By | June 16, 2019
Internship Pavan Duggal Associate

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Here’s an internship experience of a 3rd-year anonymous contributor from Amity University at Pavan Duggal Associates, Greater Kailash, New Delhi. The organization is located at S-307, Block S, Part 1, Greater Kailash, New Delhi.

Duration of Internship

15 days (it has to be 1 month i.e 01 June 2019 to 30 June 2019, but I chose to terminate this Internship in the middle of it.)

How you Applied

I sent my c.v and the cover letter at [email protected] And then they asked me to write a write up on a topic. After that, I got a confirmation letter.

First impression

It was terrible! In the letter, they said it has to be a research-based Internship. On the first day, they make a division that 2 months intern will get a chance to do the research work and the 1-month intern was asked to update the various website of Pavan sir.

Main tasks

As I was an intern for 1 month they were asking me to update the status of the website. Pavan sir has a lot of websites & there were many interns who were just updating the status of the website. And whenever I tried to ask them to give me some research work they always refused.


  • 1-month interns have to do part-time Internship (which they mentioned on the first day of Internship, not before that) just have to go twice in a week.
  • At the time of confirmation of my Internship, they told me the timing would be 9 am to 6 pm.

Good thing

  • The only good thing about this Internship is that you will get to add Pavan sir’s name in your CV.

Bad things

  • People were rude for no reason – Not ready to help
  • Interns are threatened that there Internship can be terminated at any point in time
  • Number of interns are more and work is less
  • The working environment is really bad – associates threaten the interns like school kids and in the end, you will get grades in your certificate




You can get a PG in Greater Kailash or Lajpat Nagar

Lesson learnt

Before joining any Internship do thorough research about it. Otherwise it will be just a waste of time.

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  • Sad intern says:

    This is the exact truth. As an intern, we are forced to dole out a good review of our internship with Mr. Duggal or our certificate is withheld. From the HR, Ms. Ranjana to the Steno, Lalit and even Mrs. Pavan Duggal, everybody in that office would threaten us with with dire consequences if we told the world the real conditions of work or lack thereof in that office. The interns are made to write chapters of his upcoming books that he just blatantly copies as his own. The HR and stenographers ask intruding and embarrassing questions about your personal life. In the name of research based internships, we were forced to call atleast hundreds of different company officials to make them attend his upcoming conferences. My only lesson was to stay wary of these online internship experiences and do my own research about the working conditions of an office rather than going for an esteemed name..