Internship experience @ SSM Advocates, Bengaluru

By | June 10, 2017

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At SSM Advocates, Bengaluru there are a wide variety of tasks given to n Intern like reading case files, filing plaints, providing opinions on matters, finding evidences in a particular case, etc.

Details of Intern

Nikhita, Symbiosis law school, Hyderabad,

1st year student. [email protected]

Name of the organization


No. 1404, Old No. 90, 23rd Cross Jayanagar, 3rd East Block Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

Team strength

SS Murthy sir has 7 assistants and 2 researchers who work for him in an office big enough to accommodate up to 25 persons easily. A well-known writer in law field by name Sudish Pai also visits this office and works from there at times. While I was interning, there were 7 other interns at the office.

Application process

I applied through the training and placement cell in our college. But for the people who think to apply separately they need to send a mail with which their cv is attached. They will check the cv and based on that will select the interns.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned there for about a month from 01-05-2017 to 30-05-2017. Regarding the timings it the office starts at 9 am and the office will be open till 8:30 pm. It depends on the interns till which time they want to stay. If the interns wish to make a good impression then it will be better to stay till 7 and work hard. In the whole month I didn’t see sir imposing any instructions regarding the timings but he is so keen n observing the working of each and every person and their timings. Based on the timings and punctuality of the interns he issued the certificate. Sir makes sure that each and every intern works for 4 to 5 hours a day seriously and learns something by the end of the day.

First impression

The first day was very eventful. Sir is so patient and he teaches very well. Since I just completed my first year I don’t know much about all that court processes. Sir from the first day took care and observed that I did well and was ready to explain all my doubts. Since I interned in May the high court is closed. So sir took me to magistrate court and mediation centres and explained the processes. Murthy sir has a wide knowledge regarding the civil procedure code and knows almost every section from it by heart. He treats all his assistants and his interns equally and if anyone is absent any day he personally calls them and knows whether they are ok or not. It is a very pleasant experience to work there.

Main task

There are a wide variety of tasks like reading case files and filing plaints, giving opinions on matters, finding evidences in a particular case. In some cases where we are given the task to file documents sir will be ready to clarify any doubts which we have. After finishing the drafting sir will go through it and corrects the mistakes if there are any. Sir will allot the work to the students based on their ability to understand and solve the problem given. The one good thing is the work will not be dumped the interns will be given the required time to finish the work allotted there is o compulsion or any hurriedness.

Work environment and people

The environment there is very peaceful and every person in the office is very friendly and is pleasant. From the day 1 sir used to take care of each and every individual in the office as his family members. The office is so spacious and work friendly, there are no restrictions regarding the working place. In the whole office which is of two floors the interns are free to sit anywhere they wish to sit and work. The office itself provides pc’s for research purpose. Sir is so patient and never loses his temper. He gives second chance if there is any mistake and guides you in a pleasant way but once if he loses faith in you he will keep mum and will not force you or guide you unless you yourself go and ask again. He will be available to you daily and will help you in anyway and will be constantly interacting with you.

Best things

According to me everything is good in that place except sometimes sir may come late to the office(because of the previous day stress) due to which the work allotment to us becomes late and evening it becomes late to reach the house. Sir is so kind and affectionate and everything is good in that place.


No stipend


There are many PG’s around the office since it is located in one of the most populated place in Bangalore. But I didn’t stay in the PG because my relatives are nearby.

Biggest lesson

Every small part of the fact is to be noted in a case and while drafting it is necessary to make sure that the points are not repeated unnecessarily and computer knowledge is necessary to work faster.