Internship [email protected]’ble Justice Vikram Nath,Allahabad Bench,High Court

By | January 25, 2017

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Internship [email protected]’ble Justice Vikram Nath,Allahabad Bench,High Court

Name, College and Year of Study

Rangoli Tiwari, Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad. 3rd Year

Name of the organization and Address

Under Hon`ble Mr. Justice Vikram Nath, Allahabad Bench in High Court of Judicature at Allahabad

Duration of the internship

From 20.06.2016 to 1.07.2016

How big was the office? Team strength?

Most of our work was given to us in Hon`ble Justice`s Chamber which comprised of 5 main officers. My team strength was 2.Application procedure. Internship contact details

Application procedure. Internship contact details

No contact details. You have to go yourself. The Application procedure is two-fold:-

(i)To apply, you need a letter addressed to Registrar-General, High of Judicature at Allahabad along with a permission letter from your educational institution. These have to be submitted in the Registrar General`s Office which is within the High Court premises. That letter + permission letter is then forwarded to Joint Registrar Inspection who after inspection forwards it to Hon`ble Chief Justice who then assigns individual interns to Hon`ble Judges. This took a week for us. Can go max to 2 week.

(ii)The other way is taking prior permission from the Hon`ble Justice under whom you wish to intern, in which case the application is submitted in Hon`ble Justice`s chamber itself. In such cases, Registrar General only confirms the internship.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I was a localite so accommodation wasn`t an issue.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.

I was called to the Hon`ble Justice`s Chambers. He asked little about me and what I am pursuing currently and then he gave me work to find cases and read up on some legal points for a case he was adjudging.

Main tasks

My main tasks as an intern was to aid him in finding authorities, we sometimes discussed on a case. He sometimes also gave me a case file to read up on and explain what I understood from it or what my view was on it. My work was mostly confined to chamber work.

Work environment, people

It was very positive. Hon`ble Mr. Justice was very supportive and whenever I didn`t understand something, he used to explain it to me and always answered even my stupidest questions. He was very sweet and much like a teacher to me.

Best things

Best thing was I got to see the practical aspect of my legal studies so far and the Judge`s library the kind to fall in love with.

Bad things

Bad thing was that for getting internship we had to walk(a lot) and the procedure of allotment took some time.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues

I spend time with my teammates. We became friends. We used to roam about Court during lunch times. Allahabad High Court is an alluring structure. Can`t get enough of it.

Stipend/ month

None. Only paid in experience and it was worth it.

Anything else you’d like to tell

It is very essential for one who wishes to go for litigation to experience what its like in actual Courts.

Biggest lessons

Practicality is different from our books. Whatever is written in our law books, it’s how they are applied in reality that matters and which we should know about.


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