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Internship Experience@Rajani, Singhania and Partners, New Delhi




Rajani, Singhania and Partners, Green Park, New Delhi


1 month


The office was big enough and comprised of a 3 storey build. The ground floor is just the reception and had sitting arrangements made for the visitors. The first floor consists of litigation and corporate teams along with 7 Partners, 4 Principle Associates, 5 senior associates and 10 associates. The second floor consists of only corporate teams along with 2 senior partners, 2 principle associates and 4 associates. It also had a big chamber of the head and even consists of 3 conference halls. The third floor was library and a part of it was allotted as a cafeteria/canteen where tea, coffee and biscuits were available in plenty. It also comprises of 2 rooms which were meant for rest purpose in case one needs to work late night. The interns were made to sit and work in the basement on the different cubicals allotted to them.


One has to apply on this email id,, at least 3 months before you want internship. If shortlisted, you will be informed. Follow up may be required.


The working days were Monday to Friday and every 1st Saturday of the month. The official timings were 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. which varied according to the work given. It has been often that I got free from the office late, but that too used to be really a great experience and exposure.


I used to stay at my home. But there are many P.G.’s nearby and metro is also nearby. So, one would not face any such problem in accommodation or to commute.


The environment was very friendly and informal. People around are good but professional. I I was allotted LITIGATION team by the HR Executive of the firm Ms. Manjusha Mukundan. I had a compulsory interaction with the partner of that team Ms. Madhu Sweta who allotted me a research paper which was to be made and submitted at the end of my internship on a current burning issue, something on which even the associates were working day in and day out. She used to supervise a team of 1 senior associate, Mr. Sumit Gupta and 3 other associates namely Mr. Saurabh Bindal, Mr. Rohit Jain and Mr. Pankaj. I was required to work under the supervision of all these. All the associates were very nice, friendly and understanding.


Main tasks entrusted on me were basically working on such propositions/research questions allotted by the associates on which either the question of law was either disputed or undefined or was utterly confusing and unclear. We had to look into all such statutes/cases/articles where the thing in question found mention. Most of these research areas/questions were related to Arbitration Act, companies act, consumer protection act, civil laws, transfer of property rights etc.

We often did a simple case law based research as well whereby the associate asked us to find an apex court authority either in favour/against of a very small/easy proposition. But then he still required a case law on it to suffice his purpose. That is where the real researcher out of you should come out.

I was also allotted work like drafting of petitions, replies related to the petitions, proof reading, preparing case summaries etc. I also assisted my associate in drafting of a written synopsis of an arbitration matter. The assignments included typical litigation work.

Our response to all the work allotted was in the form of small write ups of 5-7 pages which included everything like the current position of law, What the commentaries said about it, what the courts had ruled, what the judges opined and lastly our own view point, suggestions and conclusion.


The friendly way in which the interns were dealt with was just commendable. The atmosphere was extremely healthy, congenial and conducive which created zeal to work in every intern. The work culture did not tolerate any act of smartness or flamboyance and demanded utmost amount of decency and sincerity, etiquettes and especially clean language. There was not any kind of fooling around. One has to ask to know about the work/assignment. Everyone was equally approachable and one was free to revert through mail/intercom/personally in case of any query/confusion. The associates are always ready to help and would take pain to explain you any matter in which you were facing problem. People there are nice and approachable. One gets to learn a lot of things. Good work done was duly applauded and appreciated on spot. The work done in a wrong/inefficient manner was criticized with the expected changes being notified immediately.

The partners are nice to interact with and you get to learn a great deal about the after law school life. They are well versed with law and are very experienced people.

The associates are great mentors. They have taught me a lot. They would give you heavy work and help. They would always encourage you a lot to work and would never make you feel inferior. It was amazing to see that how they managed their limited time effectively. They have always been around to help me. They are highly active and experienced people.


Best thing was the friendly and helping nature of the associates towards the interns.


At times we need to ask for work numerous times and pursue it.


The intern area was separate. So we could avail our own opportunity and privacy to crack some jokes, talk about each other colleges and chit chat. We could also take small short breaks and relax. All the co-interns were senior to me. They taught me a lot. We all had a fun time together. Also, nearby there is green park market, where we used to go and chill during our breaks.


No Stipend


How one works in the professional world and copes up with the pressure both of work and of deadlines as well as of competition. At the same time I learnt that you should never be afraid to ask questions, what you did not understand, it is better than making mistakes. Nor, you should be afraid to make mistakes. You work hard, you will always be applauded.

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