Interview: Karan Mitroo, Partner at L&L Partners

By | September 11, 2020
Interview Karan Mitroo, Partner at L&L Partners

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Karan Mitroo is a Partner at L&L Partners and has more than 12 years of experience under his belt. Karan did his BA. LL.B. (Hons) from National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata and is registered with Bar Council of Delhi.

Karan specializes in rendering advisory and legal assistance in fields of banking & finance, project finance, restructuring and structured finance. Karan has been actively involved in rendering advice to clients in various sectors including renewable energy, roads, steel, e-commerce, real estate, ports, airports, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, among others.

Having represented various stakeholders including lenders, borrowers as well as sponsors, Karan has a holistic and balanced approach in concluding deals.

Karan has been recognized by several leading international legal publications as follows:

  • Client Service Excellence – Lawyer of the Year: India’ by Asialaw Awards 2020
  • Leading Individual’ by Legal 500, 2020
  • Rising Star’ by IFLR 1000, 2020
  • Notable practitioner’ by Asialaw, 2020
  • Band 4’ by Chambers & Partners, 2019 and 2020

In this interview with Legal Bites, Karan Mitroo shares his experience. 

Legal Bites: Sir, you attended the National University of Juridical Sciences for your graduation. How was your Law school experience? What activities were you involved in when in law school?

Karan Mitroo: Law school was an amazing, enriching experience. Having spent my entire school life in New Delhi, law school provided great exposure, in terms of a new city and also a wide spectrum of people. I was in the fourth batch of the law school and being a school in its nascent years, we had extremely close bonding in the student body. We also had great guides in ambitious and intelligent seniors who wanted to prove their mettle. Hence, being a young institution, NUJS provided us with a great deal of opportunity for growth. We had an excellent faculty who loved being questioned and we all grew together.

In addition to the usual academics and some sports, I was involved a great deal in mooting. I thought the true ability of a lawyer comes from this activity and hence, that was something I gave strong credence to. I clearly remember in our 4th year of college, the dates for a moot on International Trade Law in Taiwan conflicted with our exams. But that did not deter us from participating in the moot! Looking back, that was superb training for real life, where often one has to juggle several important deals without letting any of the balls drop!

However, my biggest take away from law school was the great relationships I developed there, as also the platform for growth and lateral thinking, not sticking to bookish knowledge.

Legal Bites: What drove you to corporate practice and not practicing on your own in any of the courts?

Karan Mitroo: Unlike the norm now for multiple internships, I actually just did one internship a year. The reason for me to do internships was to gain exposure in different areas of law. The first internship was with an NGO, the second with a senior lawyer practicing in the high court and trial courts, the third, with a senior lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court and the fourth internship was with L&L Partners Law Offices (then Luthra & Luthra Law Offices). Having done internship in different fields I felt I was most suited for corporate law since I found these areas as most exciting.

Legal Bites: Sir, you have been working with one of the most famous law firms in Asia as a partner and you were recently awarded The Lawyer of the Year Award for Excellence in Client Service. What motivates you that ultimately leads you to this path of success and winning accolades?

Karan Mitroo: Just like the incredible platform I got at law school, I have been lucky to be a part of the L&L family. The seniors at the Firm have always motivated lawyers and brought out the best in them. They have thrown us in the deep end but always provided the protection in case we are sinking and hence, once couldn’t ask for a better platform for growth. The Firm provides immense freedom and opportunity for growth if one aspires to grow and we have several examples of homegrown lawyers who have done tremendously well in the legal industry.

I am also blessed to have fantastic team members, each of whom is more than family and has been a part of this incredible journey. Whilst there is a long way to go, we do feel proud of what we have achieved until now together!

For me personally, the mantra has been that when I agree to do a deal, it is my reputation on the line and I give a 100% to each deal being done. Otherwise, I do not accept the deal at all. For me, Law is first a passion and then my profession. I always put my clients first because it is them who have provided me with opportunities for growth. They are my motivation to always put in my 100%.

Legal Bites: Luthra & Luthra Partners have been doing extremely well and have made a mark on the law fraternity. Several awards and recognitions have come your way in the past few years. What is the firm’s mantra to this massive success that has made you one of the giants in this industry?

Karan Mitroo: Like I said earlier, the firm’s success lies in its culture of a supportive and encouraging atmosphere where innovation and initiative are highly valued and encouraged. This has led to consistent success and recognition for the Firm and its members where our clients, the firm and our talent pool of incredible lawyers all grow together.

Legal Bites: Sir, what advice would you like to give to the aspiring and budding lawyers of our country?

Karan Mitroo: Law schools these days provide a lot more opportunity. I think one must use these opportunities to the maximum, be it MUNN, moots, exchange programs, internships and of course academics. On a lighter note, enjoy these precious school years to the hilt because life will change irrevocably once you’re out in the real world!! 

In my view, the four pillars of success for a lawyer are the thirst for Knowledge, Ambition tempered with patience, Trust between team members and members of the Firm and most importantly Honesty and dedication towards your clients.

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