Is Playing Online Rummy Legal?

By | March 26, 2021
Is Playing Online Rummy Legal?

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Rummy is one of the most favored card games in India. It is played during festivals like Dussehra, Holi, and Diwali and in fact, any celebration is incomplete without this card game. The undying love for this card game is the reason why online rummy became an instant hit among the people and with good reason.

Traditionally, rummy has to be played with 2 or more people. This means that if you want to play rummy, you have to invite people or wait for an occasion where there will be a gathering of people. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on and people maintaining social distancing, a gathering of people is the last thing that anybody would want. However, thanks to online rummy, you can now play and enjoy this card game whenever and wherever you want. The game can be played on your smartphone and all you need is a good Internet connection. You can play rummy with online players from across the globe and you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy this game. Also, online rummy is available 24/7, which means that you can play the game day or night. These are a few advantages that online rummy has over the offline version and this is the primary reason why the online version gained a lot of popularity.

Even though rummy is a card game that has been played for centuries in the country, people still wonder whether it is legal to play online rummy. The short answer is that yes, online rummy is legal in India. If you are playing online rummy for stakes, you don’t have to worry about being penalized for doing something illegal because you are not. The Indian Supreme Court has put online rummy out of the ambit of scrutiny and declared that this game is not a form of gambling, and therefore, it isn’t illegal. The apex court further went on to explain that rummy is a game of skill and not based on sheer chance or luck. By putting rummy under games of skill, the court further proved the legality of the game. In 1966, the apex court had defined betting and gambling as games that purely rely on chance or luck. But, games of skills like rummy are explicitly kept out of the ambit of gambling, even though they might be played for money.

Rummy is a skill-based game 

The Supreme Court has put online rummy into the category of games of skills. But, what does that mean? If you want to play rummy online, you will have to have certain skills to beat your opponent players and achieve victory. The only factor of luck that might play in your favor is when the decks are shuffled and cards are being dealt. This is the only time when things are happening out of your control and you can appeal to your luck or pray to a higher power so that you are dealt a good hand. But, this doesn’t last long because people have been known to make valid sets and win the round even after they’ve been dealt a bad hand. This proves that a game of online rummy is all about skills, strategizing, and the ability to remain focused.

Here, take a look at some of the skills that you require to play online rummy and achieve victory.

  • Memory skills: To play online rummy, you need to have excellent memory skills. You have to remember the cards that are being discarded and picked up by your opponent. By following the moves of your opponents, you can figure out what your game plan should be. For instance, if you notice that your opponents are picking up more high-value or face cards, it would probably mean that they are trying to make a set out of using face cards. If you were thinking of doing the same, you might have to change your tactic so that you don’t end up stuck with a lot of face cards, but not any valid sets.
  • Analytical skills: Only remembering your opponent’s move is not enough. You also need to have analytical skills to visualize the situation and understand the probable results. You need to comprehend the game plan of your opponents and accordingly make strategic decisions and changes to your game plan. You can sharpen your analytical skills by regularly playing online rummy. You need to be able to understand what cards your opponents have based on what they are picking up and throwing. This will affect your decision as to what your next move will be.
  • Emotional maturity: Everybody cannot win during a game of online rummy. You have to understand that both winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. You have to prepare yourself that even if you have exceptional abilities and skills, you might not always win a round of rummy and that’s okay. As a player, you have to exhibit exceptional levels of emotional maturity. Just because things are going the way you had planned, it doesn’t mean that you give up and leave the game. You can change tactics, try to trick the other players, or continue the game to observe and learn. You must not make rash decisions, but when you are seeing that you cannot win, you need to get rid of the face cards so that your losses are not going to be huge.

Online rummy is a game of numbers and you need to have the right skills to be able to meld the cards and create valid sets and sequences. By regularly playing rummy, you can hone your skills and you can also learn a lot by observing other players. Since there’s so much thinking and analysis involved in the game, online rummy is completely legal and you can enjoy your favorite game without having to worry. So, download and start playing.

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