Kerala, Come Back! – by Sivashruthy Namachivayam

By | August 27, 2018

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What’s with Kerala?

Kerala, it is God’s own land because neither the Gods fight nor the people do in the name of God. Such a state is under the trial of showing its potential to the entire world. It rained cats and dogs, where the state had to get into the trouble of drowning in the flood.  In the winds of the monsoon, the state was turned topsy-turvy. The state is still fighting its way back to normalcy. One of the most memorable things is that Minister Thomas Isaac dived into the relief duty rather than to direct his subordinates.

Worry not, Kerala

In a famous Mollywood movie, “Jacobinte Swargarajyam”, a scene appears where the protagonist of the movie, Jerry is told by one of his relatives about the resilience of the Malayalis, who had gone through hot waters. Malayalis put in hard labor, toil, and then ascend. They muster the courage, willpower, and boldness to fight the hard times that approach them in a modest way with the uncountable blessings of the Almighty from whom they adore sincerely. This scene is an eye-opener for all the Malayalis, who were hurt in this flood. This scene is reminded again because this scene is to boost the confidence of those residents of Kerala.

Prayers and Labors

On this auspicious occasion of Onam, every year the people believe that their Mahabali Raja would come to visit his subjects, who are waiting to receive him. The people adorn the entrance of their houses with flowers calling it pookolam. On their dining table, they have their Onam Sadhya. Though the story is a part of collective Hindu mythology, this is a household celebration for Christians and Muslims too. Such a glorious day would bring grace to the state back.

This Raja is the grandson of Prahalad, who is a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. This time too, the king would come to his kingdom and see the plight of his subjects, who are like this. The state is sure to boomerang to its previous position, where it had the flair to organize tours, to produce intellectuals, to entertain the netizens with their avent-garde in music, dance, and other art forms. We assure you that Mahabali Raja would report your plight to Lord Vaamana and would persuade him to revive your life.

In a state, where the Padmanabaswamy rests, the prince of Pamba, Lord Ayyappa blesses, where Guruvayurappa plays, and the first Indian Women Saint, Saint Alphonsa implores Christ the King and Prophet Mohammad leads these people, there would be certainly a boomerang of events in addition to them. This would make us all call this land of spices and backwaters, the “Japan of India”.

Waiting for you, Kerala

Though we had collectively offered material aid, there is something more than the currency that would make life back. Remember that we include you in all our prayers for your life. It is your primary duty to maintain your willpower. When you can safeguard an expecting woman and make a fetus become an infant, you can do wonders.

Come Back, Kerala! Onam Wishes!

– Sivashruthy Namachivayam

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