Know about Narco Analysis and Brain Mapping

By | December 18, 2016

Know about Narco Analysis and Brain Mapping

The Latin expression “in vino veri- tas” meaning “truth in wine” shows that alcohol can be the one of the oldest truth sera. The term narco-analysis is derived from the Greek word narke meaning “numbness” and is used as a psycho therapeutic as well as an interrogating technique that uses barbiturate drugs or truth serums to induce a State of unconsciousness in which secrets come to the surface; where they can be exploited by the therapist. In modern times, sodium thiopental or sodium pentothal is widely used as a truth serum. This drug decreases higher cortical brain functioning. The main principle which works in this analysis is the hypothesis that lying is more complex than truth and hence a lower level of cortical activity will force the subject to tell the truth.

American scientist Lawrence Farwell is credited with developing brain mapping or brain fingerprinting technology. This system determines whether or not specific information is stored in a person’s memory. The test measures individual brain-wave responses to relevant words, pictures or sounds presented by a computer. Our brain has the capacity to store events as memories. This function of the brain is used in differentiating a criminal and an innocent person. The criminal’s brain stores the sequence of events that happens at the crime scene, an innocent man’s brain however would have no such memories. The brain fingerprinting method scientifically detects the presence or absence of specific information. Words, pictures, codes and sounds related to the crime are presented to the subject by a computer.

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