Legal Bites presents the Labour Law Important Question-Answer Series.

Legal Bites presents the Labour Law Important Question-Answer Series. The questions listed here will help students study for various Competitive and University Exams. Candidates can use Legal Bites' list of questions to help them determine the most important and often asked questions and practice their aptitude and knowledge.

Answering questions is a continuous process that is an inevitable component of any test preparation, as we all know. A well-written response displays not just a candidate's knowledge but also his or her ability to tailor the content to the question's requirements.

It is vital to prepare for this exam to pass it thoroughly. To attain mastery over the subjects studied, applicants only need to keep practising these questions in the months coming up to the examinations. Following it, the candidate's confidence level, as well as their scores, will vastly improve.

Labour Law Question Answer Series 6: Important Questions for Exams | Part – VI

Question 1

Explain the power and functions of an inspector appointed under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

Question 2

‘The Payment of Wages Act was enacted for the purpose to provide that the employed person shall be paid their wages in a particular form and at regular intervals without any unauthorized deductions’. Discuss.

Question 3

Discuss the remedy available to the worker who has been paid less than the minimum rates of wages. Who can be appointed as authority to decide claims under the Act?

Question 4

Discuss the law relating to change of name, amalgamation and dissolution of Trade Union.

Question 5

Examine the procedure for voluntary reference of disputes to arbitration.

Question 6

Discuss the rules relating to the employment of children and adolescents under the Factories Act.

Question 7

Explain the impact of the Bangalore water supply v. A. Rajappa case on the definition of "Industry".

Question 8

(a) Distinguish between 'Industrial Dispute' and 'Individual Dispute'. Explain the role of the legislature in reducing the confusion between the two.

(b) 'Industrial dispute necessarily has to be connected with the employment or non-employment or the terms of employment or with the conditions of labour, of any person'. Discuss.

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