Latin maxims and terms associated with the Indian Penal Code

By | November 29, 2016
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This article by Prof. Dr. Surendra Kumar Singh discusses Latin maxims and terms associated with the Indian Penal Code.

Latin maxims and terms associated with the Indian Penal Code

  1. “Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea”
    (The act does not constitute guilt unless done with a guilt intent./Act alone does not make a man guilty unless his intentions were so.)
  2. “Actus me invito factus non est mens actus”
    (An act done by me against my will is not my act.) Incorporated under Section 94 of the IPC.
  3. “Crimen trahit personam”
    (The crime carries the person.) Section 2 of the IPC- Intraterritorial Jurisdiction.
  4. “Communis hostis omnium”
    (They are common enemies of all). Section 4(2) of the IPC- Piracy
  5. “De minimis non curat lex”
    (Law does not notice trifles.) Incorporated under Section 95 of the IPC.
  6. “Doli incapax”
    (Incapable of understanding what is rifgt and what is wrong.), Section 82 of the IPC.
  7. “Doli capax”
    (Capable of understanding what is right and what is wrong.) Section 83 of the IPC.
  8. “Ignorantia fact excusat”/ “Ignorantia juris non excusat”
    (Ignorance of fact is excusable./ Ignorance of law is not excusable.)Sections 76 and 79 of the IPC.
  9. “Necessitas non habet legem”
    (Necessity knows no law.) Incorporated under Section 81 of the IPC.
  10. “Furiosis furore suo punier”
    (A madman is best punished by his own madness.)
  11. “Furiosis nulla voluntas est”
    (A madman has no will.)
    “Furiosis absentis loco est”
    (A madman is like one who is absent.)
    The above three maxims are related to Section 84 of the IPC.
  12. “Qui peccat ebrius luat sobrius”
    (Let him sins when drunk be punished when sober.).Section 86 of the IPC- Voluntary drunkenness.
  13. “Volenti non fit injuria”
    (One who consents suffers no injury.) Sections 87-93 of the IPC.
  14. “Respondeat superior”
    (Let the principal answer.) Sections 154 and 155 of the IPC

(By- Prof. Dr. Surendra Kumar Singh)

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