Law Schools are the colleges which offer law courses to the interested students. These institutions are an exception in the field of education. Law schools make the lawmakers and counselors for the country, they make lawyers for the country for the purpose of applying the law in the country in a successful manner. At present, there are many… Read More »

Law Schools are the colleges which offer law courses to the interested students. These institutions are an exception in the field of education. Law schools make the lawmakers and counselors for the country, they make lawyers for the country for the purpose of applying the law in the country in a successful manner. At present, there are many law schools who are offering the undergraduate courses to the students. They are not only offering undergraduate courses but post graduation courses also. Earlier, the law as a profession is not generally taken by students but now they have created more interest in it to choose it as a carrier option. As a result of which the strength of law schools is increased as compared to earlier. Apart from the other institutions, there are 14 National Law Schools who are offering the law courses to build the future of students.

All Law Schools are contributing in some or other way to build the future of our country. Though some Law Schools are not providing satisfactory education and not working up to the mark.

The legal schools are expected to play a dynamic role in the administration of justice. Law Schools being the recruiting grounds for the legal profession, there is a need to inject new spirit into the content of legal education to make lawyers and legal professionals socially relevant and professionally competent to secure the constitutional mandate of access to justice.

Colleges play a great role in influencing the life of a student and to give them a path to lead. The knowledge and experience provided by law school are very different from other colleges and institutes. It helps a student to experience the reality of the world and their profession. Law schools play a significant role in shaping students future.

1. Raising self-confidence

The prominent role a law school plays is to raise self-confidence of students. The profession of law demands self-confidence. A lawyer needs to be confident to prove his points. Law schools organize various programs and competitions and debate which help students to boost their confidence. Though the competitions are organized in other colleges also but in law school, it is a part of their degree or we can say that it is compulsory for every student to participate in such competitions. Compulsory participation encourages students and also gives them an opportunity to present their views in front of others.

2. Teamwork

Law schools are the reason beyond the effective team work. Because the competitions organize in law schools generally require team work. A team of 2-3 people are supposed to take part in this competition. Law schools help students to communicate with others and create a work bond with others. It basically makes students comfortable to work with others so that after entering in their profession, it will be easy for them to work with and between a number of people.

3. Enhancing the ability to research

The projects provided in law schools are generally research work where a topic is provided to the students and they have to go through books and online stuff to get things related to the topic. Law students by the end of their degree generally become used to the researching work and can research on any topic. The profession of law requires a good researcher because there are plenty of materials on a single topic and to choose an appropriate material requires a good researching skill which law schools provide to their students.

4. Writing skills

In law schools, students are expected to write a lot, whether in exams or in projects. A lot of material is provided to a law student and they need to write as much as one can write on a particular topic. The purpose of demanding long writing material is to enhance the writing skills of students because in the profession of law whether a Judge, a lawyer or in any corporate sector also a legal professional should possess good writing skill. Writing facts to write judgment of a case requires a long write up.

5. Applicability of Sections

The profession of law is all about the sections, codes, and acts. Every law professional is required to be well versed with those sections and acts. In Law Schools, their primary aim is to teach the students how to apply the sections. That is why from the first year students are made used to the use of sections in their regular task and projects. Law Schools makes it necessary for the students to apply the sections in their every answer and the purpose behind doing this is that the students become well versed with the applicability of sections and it will help them in their future.

6. Usage of Online Database

There are various online data which is made available for the law students by their law schools in the library such as SCC Online, Manupatra, Lexis Nexis. These are the online database which a student can use to take reference for their respective topic. In Law schools, students are made to use this online database from their very first year so that by the end of their degree, students become used to its usage and it will be helpful for them during their future work.

7. Critical Analysis

In law schools, students are taught to apply their own mind in a situation which they might come across in the future. Students are provided primary sources and they made up their own mind to it. Students are basically provided a topic and they have to express their opinion about it. A lawyer should know how to critically evaluate things. Law schools teach the students those things through their projects and task which they have to deal with in the future when they enter in their profession. Critical writing requires students to demonstrate that they are confident in their opinion of a topic and have well thought out debate including evidence to back it up. Critical analysis requires the student to develop their own academic voice and opinions. Critical analysis is important as it allows students to develop their own academic mind and way of thinking and allow them to fully understand all areas of law as well as the practical application of it.

8. Presentation

For entering a legal profession, it is very important to present oneself in front of others in a good manner. Because in the legal profession, you have to deal with the clients, it is the basic thing in this profession. So it is very important for a legal professional to deal with them in an adequate manner and to provide them with requisite advice and opinions. It is very important that before entering the legal profession, one should have the idea of doing it. Law schools are a great platform as they provide the students full opportunity to learn how to present themselves by organizing moot court competitions and training programs which helps the students to learn how to deal with the clients and how to provide the proper advice.

Thus, above are the major roles which a law school plays in shaping future of students. Law schools not only provide education but also prepare the students for their future by organizing various programs for them. Law schools are different from others because in law school students by the end of their carrier become half lawyers. At the end of their degree, they know how to express their opinion, how to speak in front of others. A law school not only provides good lawyers but they also provide an independent and motivated person with self-confidence. Law schools play a significant role in shaping the future of students.

Anusha Vijayvargiya
BVDU, New Law College, Pune

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Updated On 19 March 2020 12:29 AM GMT
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Anusha 22

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