Call for Applications: Legal Bites Campus Amicus Programme 2021

By | September 8, 2021
Legal Bites Campus Amicus Programme 2021

Legal Bites is excited to announce the launching of the Legal Bites Campus Amicus Programme 2021 to widen our reach among young law students studying in various colleges and universities across India.

About the organisation

Legal Bites is an Ed-Tech platform with a monthly viewership of 1 million+. The goal of our company is to provide affordable, high-quality particulars on legal judgments, codes, articles of academic interest and interviews of leading legal professionals designed to inculcate a sense of legal awareness among the cosmopolitan audience. Legal Bites has been recognised as the ‘Best Online Law Education Platform 2020’ by APAC Insider at the Indian Excellence Awards. We are a mid-sized, growing organisation, which values care, learning and action.

About the programme

This programme aims at promoting our presence and developing a nationwide network to create a student-mentor nexus between the college students and Legal Bites. This programme allows students to know our organisation better and become a part of us in our efforts to make our association indispensable to law enthusiasts and promote top-notch legal education. The programme also seeks to strengthen our strategies to engage students and colleges with various events and programs organised by Legal Bites with an aim to promote law and advancing the academic and professional lives of students.

This program is an outreach cum awareness program that seeks to provide opportunities with the help of Campus Amicus appointed under this programme.


1 month

The initial period would be 1 month which can be extended to 2 months based on the performance of the candidate.


  1. Students pursuing an Undergraduate or Post-Graduate law course from any recognized University in India.
  2. The applicant should not have any association with any other organization of the same genre.
  3. Hard-working, honest, and punctual applicant having good leadership, communication, and organizational skill.

(Any discrepancy found will lead to termination of Internship)

Number of Positions

Two Campus Amicus from each College/ University.


To have the position of Campus Amicus and lead Legal Bites in the concerned college is in itself a matter of pride. Some of the perks given to campus Amicus are-

  1. Certificate as a “Campus Amicus”, to boost your CV.
  2. Blog Publications
  3. Performance-based incentives for high performing campus Amicus.
  4. Exposure and Experience to work with students from all over India.
  5. An opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals to expand your skillset and grow your ingenuity.
  6. Special Recognition will be given for outstanding contributions during the internship, events and competitions.
  7. To learn professionalism and develop presentation skills, leadership, media relations, team working, time management etc.
  8. Early access to conferences, competitions and seminars organized by Legal Bites such as the National Essay Competition.


The Campus Amicus will be an integral part of the Legal Bites family. As a part of it, we expect the following qualities and work from the Campus Amicus-

  1. Hard-working, honest and punctual candidate having good leadership, communication, and organizational skill.
  2. Represent and lead us on your campus.
  3. Communicate the events and happening of Legal Bites.
  4. Communicate any event happening in their college to our team.
  5. An active internet user, interested in promoting our services, articles and educational content on Social Media.
  6. To complete the tasks/works given to them from time to time and Conduct interviews at your campus etc.
  7. Be our super business personnel and earn while learning.

(Any default will lead to termination of Internship and no certificate will be awarded.)

Application Procedure | Legal Bites Campus Amicus Programme 2021

Click here to fill the form

You will be contacted soon by the concerned team.

Note: Duplicate entries will be barred.

Selection Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. After a review of applications by us, the selected applicants will receive a confirmation email (if selected).


For any queries kindly mail us at [email protected].

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