Life in a Law School – an insight

By | February 19, 2017

The law school life always sounds fascinating but what actually happens inside though it stays inside, but today, it will be brought to the attention of all the aspiring law students. So, those who are planning to get admission in a law school must note the following points:

  1. In a law school, there is no escape from reading. Law students are known for burning the candles at both ends. They are expected to learn the law from the scratch and since the law has no end so the battle of learning continues. There is no shortcut or formula to learn this art but only practice can help you to get used to the pace. Once you excel in this part, you will be able to pick up the highlights from several pages long case judgments or articles in a short span of time.
  2. You cannot do everything. Gym, swimming, party, weekends outing, work, sleeping, proper meals etc. cannot be done altogether. Even if you try it will be very hard. Law students need to be realistic which could be very hard if you are being praised for your ability to do everything.
  3. Law school life is a reality check. The students are infected with the disease of proving their abilities and smartness to others. But in reality, law school is all about learning. Brushing on your skills and learning new ones is what your journey will be all about. Simply put, it is a race to become a better version of you.
  4. Law students throughout the law school try to find out the correlation between the number of hours they work and their success rate. It is at the end that they realize that all that makes sense is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness, which is irrespective of the number of hours you work but depends on how intelligently you work.
  5. The journey in law school is more about doing things you love and not what others love to do. Students blindly start following others and get distracted from their own path. So instead, try to trust your instincts and see things working out.

Writer – Mansi Gupta, G.D. Goenka

Author: Mayank Shekhar

Mayank is a student at Faculty of Law, Delhi University. Under his leadership, Legal Bites has been researching and developing resources through blogging, educational resources, competitions, and seminars.

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