Being a Law student is not going to be easy, you are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before! The conflict of laws isn’t certainly the biggest conflict. The antagonism of perplexity as to what you’ve been told about being in a Law school is true or not is the contention. There are various conjectures about… Read More »

Being a Law student is not going to be easy, you are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before! The conflict of laws isn’t certainly the biggest conflict. The antagonism of perplexity as to what you’ve been told about being in a Law school is true or not is the contention. There are various conjectures about it but the true stories are only available to the people who are struggling to get through it.

This is the psychological advisory to know what it really does involve to be in a Law school. Laminate your notes so the tears roll-off.

Life As A Law Student – 7 Things You Really Have To Know


Upright your pair of spectacles, oh you don’t own one? Don’t worry! You are going to own one in very less time. Long readings are going to enslave you. Your compliance is a laughing stock. No matter you have any kind of curiosity or even diminutive interest in knowing about it, you will have to read stuff. This could include names of random people, fighting with each other, sometimes with the state, accompanied by some sporadic dates and numbers which is apparently the case number. Yes, I am talking about Case Laws.

A lot of reading comes with being a Law student. So just read whatever you get your hands on. The first term might be tough but you get used to it once a little amount of time passes by. Then will arrive the most difficult part of the reading phase. The professor might randomly ask you to read an article of 1000 pages and write a 200 words summary of it. This might sound really irrational, but when have you found yourself supporting any system about a Law school! Just be patient.

Applause! You are now the upgraded version 2.0 – The Book Worm.


Students develop propriety along the way. The moment you are at the pinnacle of happiness about understanding a concept fully, there will be something you will find which totally trashes the joy. Some people are ostensibly affected and some just drown in the delusion of their jittery pessimism of being dim-witted.

Especially, in the cases where you have excelled in everything all your life, it could be a little tough to survive in a place where everyone is as smart as you are, or maybe more. Open your eyes. Do not feel bad if you are not able to surmise a concept and the person next to you does.

There will be topics that you will justifiably understand and there will be areas that might be difficult to grasp. Don’t be restive. Just read the concept again, and again. Re-reading does wonder. Don’t feel dumb. Don’t lose your sanity.


Life is no race. Everybody has his own pace. You don’t have to go mad trying so hard to do things that are out of your league.

This is an era of competition. If you don’t have the competition-above-everything syndrome, your life is a failure.


These are two perspectives about the same situation. Now the enigma is – which one to take as the cardinal principle to advance in life? The answer to this is None.

Make your own rules, the one that suits you well. These ideas are considered everywhere, by everyone because the idea of them being the only way to success is been put so perfectly that we suppose them to be true. You are the warrior; the master of your own ship.

The quest doesn’t end here. The race I am talking about is the race of placements, career, etc. Basically future. So one of the important things that matter here is when do you start the race of preparation. They can ask you questions about any legislation, case laws, how to take CnH2n+2 and make candles out of it, or the process of the creation of the universe. You are highly expected to know just everything. On a serious note, analyze what are you passionate about and work towards achieving it.


The screwed mind that is required for the art of lawyering comes with different brain mixes and compositions. In the grand scheme of things, substantially, you need to remember a lot of stuff. You need to remember each and every little constituent, structure and key clauses of every concept. One of the important parts of this is publishing research papers.

The moment in law school when you realise flipping burgers was not a bad career option.

Enthusiasm! This is a well-known word for almost everyone. Have you ever seen those over-energetic people? After a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that these are the people who get into dangerous stunts like writing a research paper. You will spot them inside the library at odd times of the day. The times where a normal student contemplates whether to take some time to eat or not. These people can also be spotted in the common study areas. Friendly tip: Pull your socks up and run away!! The sight of it could be of potential harm to your mental health.


This could be the most interesting as well as the most annoying part of being in a Law school. You are smart. Or let people assume you are. Don’t worry, there’s more to it. People are going to assume that being a law student you know each and every law of the universe, be it whatever, you are supposed to know it. This might be because law degrees are more theoretical in nature than practical.

One of the most frustrating things you’ll come across is every apparent senior person giving you GYAN. About how whatever you are studying here is all vain. About how you are just a child in the womb and when you step into the real world, the reality is going to flash in front of your eyes. You are a 24(approx.) year old toddler.

Those ‘test the real age of your brain’ online quizzes are going to make sense.


As a law student, you are going to come across subjects that you might have liked in the past but develop an indisputable hatred for. This is a really eccentric process. Initially, you are really confident about knowing things. Then the professor bursts your overly optimistic bubble of delusion. You accomplish that you genuinely don’t know anything. Don’t worry, this is just a star-crossed side-effect of the fact that it is imperative to understand how society functions. Laws are framed according to that.

You are going to study how the law is connected to morality and how they go hand in hand. Personal views may differ from the learned philosophers and thinkers. That’s obvious. We live in a world which is unfolding hastily. The new generations of our country are accepting culture form western countries. We have a different system which totally contradicts their supposition of morality. Section 377 is an example. So next time you fall in love, please make sure it is according to the principles of society.


Being a law student is what you want it to be. Usually, it is portrayed as a life which is spent inside the library, and you die of the weight of those heavy books. Let me tell you, it is not like that. Your unstable little first-year ass will have zero prudence and sense of justice in the matter of choosing places where to be. So the library would seem like the best option. Let people assume you are smart.

Or you might get involved in affairs, found at weird places during late night.
Also, there is a plethora of extra-curricular activities ranging from Moot-courts, Model United Nations, Debates, chilling in the canteen and having good food, bunking lectures, breaking lab locks, etc.

So, life in a law school is not what it looks from the alfresco. There is a marrow amount of work which has to be done. As a law student, you are in an enviable spot for the other professions. This is because you are able to master the art to make right things wrong and wrong things right, eloquently and dexterously.

Therefore, about being a Law student, is not going to be easy, you are going to work harder than you’ve ever worked before!

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