Man, The Beast

By | January 26, 2018
Man, The Beast

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All the world being the stage is for a man to act. Obviously, it is not meant only for the man to dance and to produce his tunes. God created nature for Man to enjoy. He has prioritized other specious before man according to evolution, and religion too. The man entered the gifted world later. He enjoyed all his happiness. In such a situation, there was a chance of man having a good deal of friendship with animals. In the life of a great person, there is always a vital part played by nature.

In the ancient texts, there are references to a man having a cordial relationship with nature. The very opening of Sakuntalam by Kalidasa has a beautiful lecture on shunning hunting. The hermitage was very eco-friendly. Bharat played with lions! This shows that religions were eco-friendly too. At this juncture, there was no need for animals to fear about human beings and vice versa. The sport of hunting and poaching has gradually dwindled. Thanks to the law enforcement.

However, the feud between these creatures has not come down. The reason is so simple. It is because of the human-animal conflict. There are many complaints lodged by farmers in accordance with the coming of animals into the fields and devouring of crops. The main reason is that the occupation of lands. The time is out. It was the animals first to occupy the earth. Man is like a colonizer and the animals are colonized.

In the world first occupied by animals, Man came for his subsistence but soon became a master. With one jab of a knife, he was to get out of everything including the wrath of animals far bigger than he does. Today, animal conflicts land up as a problem for both man and the beast. A long time back, elephants from a particular area of the forests entered the village, which was celebrating its famous ceremony.

These elephants entered and scared the devotees. To know about it more, it is astonishing that these ceremonies were there for a long time. It is only now; the animals have grown restless towards this. The sounds now include film songs too. Songs are not a problem but the blaring speakers become the problem. Those times, the only sound would have been the drum sound and the like. Drums were initially used to keep these animals away.

Almost all the professions of the older period are based on the forest. Collecting honey, gathering firewood, and so on are the early professions regarding forest. There was no such record in the older literature of men being killed. However, the country was rich in fauna. The reason is that the animals were left undisturbed while men were working.

Times back, I had the fortune of attending a science exhibition. A boy of nearly 12 years was intelligent enough to devise a plan to do away with human-animal conflict. That was the best of the inventions according to me that day. The model had a field. The field was encircled by an insulated wire. With the very moment, the animals stepping on that wire, the wire sends the signal to another audio device. This device resonates the sound of the crackers. The animals get scared and run off. This is the first time in my life; I have seen a confluence of science and humanity through technology. The boy stood as a younger version of Dr.Kalam.

If this is applied to reality, there is a chance of fewer cases in animals getting killed and the farmers losing their plantations. Animals get killed on the road sometimes and vice versa. To avoid this, the tolls for alternative navigation could be curbed. If these things happen, there is a probability of bringing back the days of Sangam literature, Sakuntalam and the Garden of Eden.

– Sivashruthy Namachivayam

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