Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Compitition,2017- NLSIU Bangalore

By | February 28, 2017

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National Law SchooI of India University Bangalore is organizing the Manfred Space Law Moot Court Competition,2017

1. In order to participate in the Funding Round of the Competition, a team must be eligible to participate in the Regional Rounds, as per to the rules prescribed for that purpose from time to time.
2. The registration fee for the Funding Rounds is Rs. 4000 (Rupees Four Thousand) to be paid in the prescribed manner.
3. Registration forms, along with the receipt of payment, must be e-mailed as per the
instructions provided in the registration form.
4. Teams from a university or institution that suffers from any financial difficulty may apply to the Funding Rounds Organiser in writing before the registration deadline (referred to in the form) to have all or part of its registration fees waived, subject to satisfaction of the Funding Rounds Organiser. No application for a waiver of registration fees will be accepted after the registration deadline.
5. If a waiver of registration fees is granted to a team that fails to pay the reduced amount or any other requisite fees by the registration deadline, the Funding Round Organiser has the absolute discretion to revoke the waiver granted to the team.
6. No registration or other fees paid by a team, which withdraws after the registration deadline will be refunded under any circumstance.

1. The winner of the India Funding Rounds will receive a Trophy for the Funding Rounds Championship. Awards shall be given to the runners-up, and the best oralist of the preliminary rounds. Each registered participant will get a certificate of participation
2. Subject to the condition, the winner of the India funding round also qualify the Asia-Pacific Regional memorial rounds, the winner will receive funding from the ISRO for appropriate expenses for the participation in the Asia-Pacific Regional Rounds. For this purpose the winners must get necessary instructions on budget sanctions for expenses, from ISRO, through its focal point, before proceeding for the Regional rounds.
3. In case the winner of the India funding round does not qualify the Asia-Pacific Regional memorial rounds, the funding will be offered to the immediate next team in the merit list who have qualified the same.

For Clarifications, contact NLSIU-MCS:
Prakshal Jain (+91-9538851035)
Mansvini Jain (+91-9811119666)
Sagarika Parab (+91-9620553295)
E-mail: [email protected]
Only for exceptional reasons/ emergency, the organisers may be contacted:
ISRO Coordinator: Mr. V. Gopalakrishnan, Policy Analyst, ISRO HQ- [email protected]
NLSIU faculty coordinator: Mr. Kumar Abhijeet, Assistant Professor, [email protected]

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