Attested credentials on my internship at Legal Bites: Shreya

By | June 2, 2020
internship at Legal Bites: Shreya

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Shreya Sahoo, a 3rd-year law student from the National Law University, Odisha provides us with an account of her journey as an intern at Legal Bites. Her testimonial on the experience elucidates the various aspects of opportunities and the environment that fosters the same, at Legal Bites.

Process of Application for an internship at Legal Bites

I am Shreya Sahoo, a 3rd-year law student from the National Law University, Odisha. I was selected for an internship with Legal Bites through Internshala for a 2-month long internship. There were several stages, an applicant has to clear before getting selected and one of them was the submission of a writing sample on the topic assigned by Legal Bites.


Legal Bites gives you an opportunity to not just spend your hours of labour to research and write but also reap the fruits of your labour by a stipend which is Rs. 5000 a month.

Working hours

I was asked to write forty-two articles in my tenure and those articles were sent for a review and editing process thereafter to Ms Tanya. If any errors are found during the process, the author of the article is asked to correct the same, so that they get to know about their errors and correct the same.

Appointment of Conducive Disciplines

The articles are assigned according to the interest area of the applicant and mine was Intellectual Property and Criminal Law. This exercise of writing for the blog for five days a week has given me immense in-depth knowledge about both the laws.

A versatile work culture

Another advantage of committing to this online internship with Legal Bites was their flexible working hours. I was never constrained from doing something else. In between this online internship I was encouraged to continue with my other commitments at a law school, in my case it was Mediation competitions and research papers.

The inalienable adjuncts

My knowledge along with writing aptitude and time-bound research skills have improved like anything. Another thing that I focused on, was the quality of my article and not the quantity. You also learn to sit and work for hours which prepare you for law firms where you need to give even more hours.

Gradually, I wrote more articles and learnt how to self assess the article, and that’s the biggest thing that I learnt. One of the major lessons, which I have learnt from this internship, is that one cannot sit idle at a law school and in order to enhance knowledge regarding the practical nitty-gritty of a law professional, one has to remain updated with news or read different informative topics.

A note of honour to the Founder

I highly appreciate how thoughtful Mr Mayank, the founder of the blog was whenever I required more time or advice for anything. I am glad to have earned this internship at Legal Bites and I am sincerely elated that I could contribute to help the blog grow and make the students’ community more aware about the legal aspects of society’s actions and their repercussions.

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