NATIONAL SEMINAR ON “Human Rights and Criminal Justice System”

By | March 16, 2017

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Every human being has their inherent Rights entitled without any discrimination of nationality, color, religion, language or any other status. All the rights are interdependent/interrelated and cannot be separated. They are the norms/moral principles which are being protected as legal rights. If these legal rights are disturbed then starts the role of the Criminal Justice System. The Criminal Justice System set into motion once they find the victims of crime. But the Indian Judiciary becomes very particular about the rights and the safeguards of the suspected and accused person as per the Constitution, Human Rights and Law of Criminal Procedure. Thereby it seems that Indian Criminal Justice System is more concern to suspect and accused oriented than victim oriented.

Hence the main theme of National Conference is “Human Rights and Criminal Justice System” along with the following sub-themes. Selected research papers/articles will be published in the ISBN/ISSN Books from the reputed publishers.


  1. Human Rights Provisions in Indian Criminal Justice System and Indian Constitution.

  2. Rights of the Women, Children, Marginalised groups and their victimization.

  3. Rights of Victims and Rights of accused.

  4. The role of Human Rights Commission in promoting and protecting the Basic Fundamental rights.

  5. A right to compensation, restitution, and restoration. 6. Any other relevant topic pertaining to Human Rights.


  1. All the manuscripts should be in English MS Word, in Times New Roman, Size 12, line spaces 1.5.

  2. The abstract should be maximum 500 words and the full paper should not exceed 5000 words. ÿ Last Date for Abstract/Paper Submission: 17th March 2017

3.Last Date for Abstract/Paper Submission: 17th March 2017

  1. Selected research papers/articles will be published in the ISBN/ISSN Booksfrom the reputed publishers

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